Monday, July 24, 2006

Blessings such blessings

Wow...since the last time I blogged it has been crazy but worth every minute of it. We have had so many blessings this past week and starting out this week as well.

First, we survived VBS and as always God blessed us big people for working with the little people. We had a blast in the blazin' heat, slinging sweat and the kids didn't even complain about it. The best part of the week was that 8 children made the biggest and best decision they will ever make in their whole lives and that is to follow Jesus with all their heart, soul, and mind. What a way to end the week. Just knowing that I had a very small part in 8 peoples eternal lives is amazing to me. Just realizing that God trust me to teach the children is blessing enough for me (even though I do not feel worthy of that job, I am blessed when I do it with a cheerful heart). We ended our VBS with a huge carnival with games, moonbounce, joust, balloon dart, duck pond, snow cones, hot dogs, popcorn, face painting, crafts and more. What FUN!!!! The kids had a blast and the weather was cloud cover and in the 80's it was a perfect day to have fun.

On Friday, I took Mili to the doctor for a cough and some sneezing. She has Restrictive Airway and Allergies. She is on an inhaler for a couple of days and benedryl and is already pretty much back to normal. Kids bounce back so fast. She really hasn't slowed down the whole time. This is her third episode since she was born and I was getting concerned that it could be asthma. The doctor assured me that she doesn't have asthma. Such a blessing to know that it can be cleared up each time in two or three days. Easy enough.

Sunday was such a good day. I had the opportunity to serve at the registration desk and meet some parents of a girl (part of the 8) that prayed to ask Jesus to be her Savior at VBS. Her whole family came to church with her. Wow...what a blessing to see them. I also enjoyed the message from Pastor Brian and the worship and our time in life group. I left church thinking about how I have lived my life thus far as a christian. We sometimes "play" the role of christianity. We know the motions and we do them every Sunday, but we are sometimes not sincere about them. My prayer is that I will truly go to church to worship my living Savior and to learn more about Him so I can become more like Him. Please pray for me to find my mission field here. I am struggling with the way I should go (children's ministry, youth, senior citizens, pregnancy centers, etc....) I want Fridays to be my mission day. I want to devote that day to a mission to reach individuals who are hopeless (there is always hope with Jesus). On the other days of the week my mission field is to teach Mili how much God loves her and to teach her to love God the same.

Last night I rec'd news from Arkansas about a man that we (youth leaders and many others at my church back home) prayed for for a long time (about 3 years). At church last night he gave up his old life and started a new one with Jesus. Jesus wiped away all his past sins and he started new. Wow.....what a blessing to hear about him. I am praying now that he will continue on the right path and be happy living for Christ. It is amazing how Jesus can change people if they will let go and let Him have control.

Today our long, lost, play pen has reached its home. It sat in a cold, dark, room in Memphis for almost two months waiting for Mili's little, bare feet to stomp on it. It is a blessing that we rec'd it when we did because we didn't know where we were going to sleep Mili at the beach for three days. Now we have the answer to that prayer too. I think God has answered my prayers as soon as I think them these days. I am not sure I have had time to actually pray some of them but they have been desires in my heart. Wow!!! what an awesome God we serve. He cares if our needs are met and even some of our wants.

I hope this entry finds you all doing well and having a great summer. I have been scolded by a few of you about my blog. I will try to blog more often now that things have slowed down a bit. I hope to have some time to take a few pics of Mili soon to post as well. Love to all!!!!


Elizabeth Robinson said...

Alice, that is grant VBS. I am very happy that you was there for them. Those 8 people gave there life,s to GOD that is grant,keep up the good work Alice. Some one is lessing to you there .
We had Karn,s wedding shower tonight at Church , she got a lot that is very good too.
Well I need to let you go for now. Love Elizabeth and Bobby Robinson.

Dawn said...

8 new members of God's family( 9 including the gentleman down here!)...awesome! I know how blessed you must feel to just be a part of that. It's great to hear about the great week you had and what sounds like will be a great time at the beach. Sorry to hear Mili was sick but like you said it's great to know it's something you can fix. Jacob had the chicken pox but is much better now. Can't wait to see some new cutie pututie pics of Mili! Have a nice week!

Shana said...

Sounds like you've been tearing up Gaithersburg and the surrounding area! Good for you. I hope you find the peace you need to choose the Mission field for yur Fridays!

uderhood said...

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