Thursday, July 06, 2006

Laughter at the Library

It was a quiet morning at the Library until Mili Berry arrived with great excitement and laughter. Mili loves books more than anything (we are hoping that will continue through her elementary, middle school, high school, and college years). Our problem right now is her love to eat them too. Everything that she "loves" goes into her mouth.

Mili and I sat in the floor, I read books and more books and more books and Mili laughed and waved her arms in the air (as I ducked them again and again). She doesn't know how to be a little bit excited (she does it with her whole body....don't know who she got that from). The library also had some wooden puzzles with big pegs for little hands. Mili loved the puzzles and we did the same one over and over again. We spent about an hour and a half playing at the library. Mili didn't want to leave the books and she cried when I took the puzzles away. We checked out four books and since we were across the street from the Mall, we walked over there for a bit.

When we arrived at the mall we went to the book store and played with all the books that make noise or "do" something. We bought a book ("A Life God Rewards" by Bruce Wilkinson, I think the same guy that wrote Jabez Prayer) and then went to the play yard. Mili loves to play with other kids. I have to really watch her because she thinks she can do what the big kids do. We tried to find some of those puzzles at KB Toys but they didn't have any (will have to look somewhere else). On our walk back home Mili fell asleep. While she was sleeping peacefully, Mommy hit a bump and poor Mili's head went bobbin'. She was a trooper though and stayed asleep through Mommy's very bad stroller driving (it doesn't help that we have a stubborn wheel).

We had a fantastic day out. We are looking forward to more walks to the library and mall. The temperature was perfect at about 70 degrees with a cool breeze (almost chilly for me) and cloud cover. On our way home probably about 75 degrees and still a cool breeze (more sun). It could be due to the fact that we have had so much rain (15 inches in 17 days....the amount we should have for the whole summer). Hopefully it's over for a while and we will dry up a bit. I would take today's temperatures again any day, it makes for a great walk outside.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, too. Love to all!!!

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