Saturday, July 01, 2006

Shopped til we DROPPED!

Bright Sunshine and a Cool Breeze were our friends today (74 degrees this morning at 10:00 am). Mili and I packed up to go to the mall today. Mili's stroller is bigger than me so you can imagine the "funniest home video" while going down the stairs at the apartments (I do believe we could win some money on that one). After getting down the stairs I can maneuver (even though there are two more sets of stairs outside, I have learned to off-road and go down the hills on the grass and Mili has learned to hold on for dear life at the right time). Down the parking lot and onto the sidewalk. We were on our way....ducking under some trees taking over the sidewalk.....passing more apartment complexes (we live on apartment row)......passing the library......and crossing a street.....on another sidewalk to the parking lot.......and finally walking, walking, walking across the parking lot. After all that, we only live about half a mile from the mall (the parking lot feels like another half of a mile).

The pictures above are from Mili's playtime at the play yard in the mall. It is a big play area with that memory foam under the carpet and all the frogs and other stuff are made of the same or similar material. Mili had a great time running (crawling.....still not walking but getting closer every day) around every where. The kids playing would scream and she would scream just because they were. She got so excited. She hit a little boy that was smaller than her (I hope that is not an indication of her being a bully later in life). They were so cute playing together. He was probably 9 months old and he didn't really crawl, he did the army crawl on his elbows (he was faster than Mili).

Mili loves other babies and kids. Today every time she saw a stroller (it didn't matter if she could see the baby or not) she started screaming and flapping her arms. She gets the attention of everyone that walks past her. When I see people smile when they pass her it makes me want to have more kids just to see other people happy about a precious new life.

Brian came to the mall and had lunch with us. We enjoyed that time with him since he has been working late a lot this week. Mili didn't want to leave his side. Fortunately she did let him have enough space to eat and then she was right back in his lap.

It felt really good to be out of the house today and having fun while doing it is always a plus. It is a win win situation for both of us. I love to shop and Mili loves to ride/watch people (especially kids). We are both happy when we are shopping. Today we really did shop til we dropped. When we arrived home, Mili crashed and I wanted to.

Speaking of crash....I am up too is 12:45 right now.
Love to all and hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did.


Dawn said...

Wish we had a mall like that! Free entertainment for the kids is ALWAYS a plus!
Glad to hear you guys got a nice day out, mothers NEED that when they are stay at home mommies!
Not much new here with us, going to have Brent and Bradley spend the night w/ us. They have become good friends w/ Kolton and they are great with Ryan and Jacob too.
I am happy that Jeremy and i and our kids get to spend some time with our church members outside of church.
Okay, well you all have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July!

Shana said...

Alice! Glad to hear they have those play areas up there. We discovered them on a trip to Dallas: every mall had a play area with a theme. One mall was breakfast foods, another was electronics/motors, another was a blast, and much needed for extreme temperatures! Glad you made it with the strolled alive and well! Your posts almost always leave me giggling.