Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mili's Friends

See...Mili really does have friends at church. (left to right in the back Eli and Hayden, left to right in the front Mili and Aaron.....all their moms okayed the posting of this picture). They are taking a ride on a Wednesday night around the church grounds. These are the carts they use for the Child Care Center.

Mili lights up when we go to church. When she sees the other kids to play with she is a happy camper.

We had a church picnic at a park near the church tonight. It was a great night. We got to chat with everyone and meet some new people who are looking for a church. We had good food (grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with salad, pasta salad, macaroni salad (you get the picture, any kind salad you can think of), fruit and dessert. We enjoyed ourselves and like always Mili did too. She is so funny...when she enters a room or we go shopping or like tonight when we went to the picnic.....she will wave like Miss America. It is like.....I am here you can start the party now that I have arrived. I am not the only one that thinks this....tonight several people said the same thing about her. She just likes people (don't know who she got that from). She gets her energy from the crowd (don't know where she got that either).

Well I think I better go and get some rest. We have had a day after, Vacation Bible School meeting this morning and staying at the church to make copies (I have to say that I felt like I was back home at Holly Springs when I was in an empty church making copies and planning for VBS....great memories). Shopping for fruit and making fruit dip for the picnic (Mrs. Mary I thought of you while making the fruit dip...I miss our cooking together). Some where I had to get in our normal routine of bible study, washing clothes, running the dish washer, and cleaning the chiminey (sp?) (someone came to do that today in all the chaos). We didn't get our walk in today but Mili was outside for two hours at the picnic so I was satisfied with her outside time.

Oh, one more important thing...God has blessed me with the ability to get back in contact with some friends. I have been exchanging emails with Trena (a childhood friend) and exchanging comments with Kamrin (college classmate...(on our blogs). It feels great to be in contact with them again and learning what is going on in their lives. Just a little note to say I am glad you both are back in my life.

Okay Goodnight for now.....Love to all!!!!


Kamrin said...

You are such a mush! I am glad to be back in touch with you also. I look forward to checking your blog everyday to see what you and Mili are up to!

Dawn said...

Mili is too cute! Good luck with VBS, my prayers are with you. It is so nice to read about the great days you guys have together, I hope you have a good week.