Saturday, July 08, 2006

Family Fun, Exercise and Shopping

Hello Everyone. Hope your Saturday was relaxing and fun. We had a family day with much fun and exercise. Our weather here has been magnificent and today was no exception to the rule. It was a great day to take a walk. We left this morning to walk to the library (Brian had not been yet) and Mili was excited to have Mommy and Daddy on this walk. After arriving at the library and checking out more books for Mili and one for me, we walked across the street to the mall.

As soon as Mili noticed the play yard she started screaming with excitement. We let her play for a bit and Brian got to see how excited she gets while playing with the other kids (it was pretty busy in that area today...Saturday). She played for a while and Brian enjoyed watching her interact with others. We then went to The Childrens Place to see if there were any sales. I am a sale shopper (I call myself a sale shopper but others probably call me cheap....whatever melts your butter). If it is not on sale it is not going home with me. We bought Mili two dresses ($4 each and two pair of sandals $2.49 each). One pair of the sandals matches one of the dresses perfectly, the other pair matches some of Mili's summer short outfits. Mili is definitely her mother's daughter, she loves to try on shoes (only the ones she likes...the others "I" want her to try can forget it).

We had lunch at the Red Robin (they have grilled chicken breast "burgers" and unlimited fries). It is a restaurant that has some unique kinds of "burgers". I had my usual, terriaki (sp?) chicken burger (has terriaki sauce, pineapple and swiss cheese). Mili picked out a green balloon to play with. We tie it to the high chair to keep her little hands busy while we eat. She would pull it down and then look through it at her daddy. They played the whole time looking back and forth at each other. It was a great picture of quality time for them. When we were getting ready to leave, the waitress gave Mili a stuffed animal (squirrel....I think....hard to tell). Mili was elated and we took off to walk some more (more exercise.....can't get too much and we all need a little each day). Mili fell asleep in her stroller holding her new "squirrel" in one arm and bear hugging the balloon with the other. She soon let go of the balloon and slept for a couple of hours. Brian and I enjoyed some "sit down" time on a "couch" in the mall (they have long bench type seating with nice cushions...some what like a couch). This was a treat for us (for those of you that don't know, we don't own a couch anymore.....we only have recliner and rockers due to the fact that we have very limited space in our apartment and when we moved Brian didn't want to carry the couch we had up the stairs.....many stairs). It has worked thus far, but we do miss the time that we used to sit together on the couch. While sitting there, Brian put his arm around me and I felt like we were dating again.....warm fuzzy

We enjoyed our family time today, long walk, and shopping. I am getting tired and I must get things ready for church tomorrow. Hope you all will find a place to worship too. Have a great day in the Lord...don't forget it is suppose to be His day!!

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Shana said...

I love reading how in love you two still are. TOO CUTE! (and as it should be) ;)