Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I am back and kicking in the blog world. Thanks to a wonderful daddy for a wonderful and somewhat humorous blog entry.
We are are home now and very relaxed. Brian has grown tired of driving back and forth and leaving me and Sadie at night in order to care for Mili here at home. He has done a wonderful job being superdad while I am healing. I am feeling very good and healing quicker than I did with Mili. Sadie is happy to be home and Mili is even happier to have her whole family home at one time.
We don't have any pictures of Sadie and Mili together yet because Mili is not quite ready for that. We don't want to push the issue and there is plenty of time for pictures when she is ready. We will post them as soon as we can get some.
Mili has already been a big helper. She can get diapers and anything else we ask her to get for us. She has enjoyed being a helper and I intend on using her as much as possible in order to make her feel needed (and to help me out).
Mili is much easier to get along with today. The last few days have been crazy for her with her schedule being interrupted . She is always happier when she is on her schedule and in a familiar territory.
Sadie has slept most of the afternoon (which means she will probably be up all night....smile). Daddy is enjoying some Daddy and Sadie time since he didn't get much while we were in the hospital.
I hope you enjoy all the pictures. Check back often for more pictures. Our families can't hold Sadie so we will be posting lots of pictures to "satisfy" them.
Love to all and thanks for all the prayers while we went through a very scary delivery (I will share some of my thoughts on the delivery later).


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to know you are at home. It is so much easier to take care of yourself and each other in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Sadie is just beautiful, people say that about all babies, but really, she is gorgeous! Mili will come around and I'm sure she's done great for such a little one during this whole ordeal. Brian looks like a proud papa and you are both blessed to have each other and so much love. I know everyone is missing each other right now, and I am glad you will have some family there soon. Jon made a joke Sunday morning that Ms. Janet, Erin and Krystal will have to get in the back of the "I want to hold Sadie line" when you all get down here since they already will have had their turn, it was funny (with some truth to it I believe!LOL). Your in our prayers, lots of love to the family of 4.

Jeremy and Dawn :)

Aunt Peggy said...

Glad you are home and everyone is doing good. She is just beautiful.
Love y'all,
Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...


Love the new pictures of Sadie. Also the ones of Brian and Sadie. He looks so happy and content.

Take care and keep posting these wonderful pictures.


Aunt Norma

Mandy said...

Yeah for you guys :) She is just gorgeous. I am glad that you are healing well - I personally never had much problem healing from my c-sections. I can't wait to see more pictures - I am going to look around the blog to see if I can send you an email.

Sooz said...

Alice she is perfect..so beautiful! Glad you are all safely home and hopefully resting up. Take care and many blessings!
I'm sure Mili will be a great big sister. I don't know what I would do without mine. =)

Sarah said...

So beautiful! I hope you continue to heal well. I'll also be praying for Mili--it's not easy for these little ones, but soon she will adjust and love her sister more than you can ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful as you already know. Seems like you came home very fast but they do things quicker these days. Dad and Sadie look very content together. Can't wait to see more pics.
Love and miss you guys,

LeLe said...

Alice, she's just beautiful! Can't wait til y'all come down at the end of the year so I can hold her! This family has a tons of babies right now, but they are ALL special.

Stephanie said...

She's beautiful! Glad you are all home and doing well!