Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Still awaiting the arrival......

of our precious, STUBBORN Sadie Beth.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the idea that it would be "the day"!!!! I was having contractions and thought I would get them moving. So I started off by getting busy in the house. I cleaned the bathroom top to bottom and did several loads of laundry. After taking a bath, getting dressed, putting on make-up and then giving Mili a bath, I felt like I could give birth anytime now (for those of you that have been 39 weeks pregnant understand that the smallest tasks turn into huge ones because of all the extra weight out front). I was gasping for breathe like I had run a marathon or something.

I called Brian to see what time he was planning on coming home. It is nice that Brian knows me so well. He can read me like a book after being together for almost 19 years. He knew that I was not feeling the best and didn't want to cook dinner. He asked me if I wanted to go to the mall and walk and then eat there. I was ALL for that.

I was walking/running around the mall. Brian was having a hard time keeping up with my big belly self. As I walked my contractions became closer and more intense. Brian was hoping my water would break there so he wouldn't have to be on clean-up crew. I walked up an appetite and decided to stop long enough to eat. After eating it was back to walking. I am serious about being READY or beyond READY for this baby to enter the world.

We left the mall about 8 pm because we needed to get Mili Bear in bed. She was getting a tude and I was getting tired myself. We arrived home and I was still having contractions but not as strong which lead me to believe that again it was not "the" time. I was totally discouraged and later went to bed.

Last night (early morning around 2:30 am) I went to the bathroom, imagine that, and when I tried to go back to sleep I couldn't. I started feeling contractions again and thought maybe this is it and I will try to get some sleep and we can deal with this in the morning. I was still awake at 5:30 am. I finally fell back to sleep to be woke up by Mili at about 7:30 am.

When I was pregnant with Mili I went in to be induced so I did not get to experience this wonderful roller coaster of emotions. I have decided not to get my hopes up anymore until the contractions are so bad I can't walk or talk. Then I will know that I am progressing or my water breaks.

I have my 39 week appointment tomorrow so you will see an update tomorrow. Don't get too excited family and friends. It looks like we may be at 41 weeks before we have a baby.

Sorry about the boring post to most of you but I had to get this off my chest!!!

Hugs and Kisses


Anonymous said...

Not boring at all, I was starting to wonder...walking is good and I wouldn't be surprised if you had dialated some more with everything you've been doing since your last appointment. Everyone is different I know, but with Ryan and Jacob I was in my hospital room, with an epideral, before they had to break my water, so your might not break either. Anyway, we'll keep all of you in our prayers, and think about you often. Try to have a good week.

Love Dawn :)

AMENMom said...

Oh, I feel for you, Alice! Maybe Sadie's getting all of her stubbornness out of her system now, and she'll be meek and compliant once she's out here. Well...it could happen! Good luck at your appointment!


Shana said...

Rest up, Mama! Sounds like you've got a great care provider and I'm glad you're getting to ride this roller coaster. *smooch*

Glad too that Brian knows you so well and treated you to a dinner and walk at the mall you needed. Give him a hug from me.

Sooz said...

Praying for you and Sadie...hope she decides to come meet you all this week! I don't remember my sisters water breaking with either of her girls...and they are still both stubborn. =)