Wednesday, August 08, 2007

37 weeks

I had my 37 week appointment today. I think I met the last doctor of my practice that could possibly deliver me. Loved her!!! She was so sweet. Anyway, my blood pressure was 117/79 and that is good, so I am very happy with that. I am dilated to almost 2 cm (I know that really means nothing considering the baby is 51% Brian's she will come when she is good and I measured right on target and Sadie's heartbeat was fine.

I had some concerns about my back cramping and she gave me some remedies for relieving that pain but she also said it could be back labor. I don't know what it is but it is different from the normal achy back pain I have had all along with this pregnancy and when I was pregnant with Mili. I know every baby is different so you really can't compare one delivery to another.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of Sadie, Mili, Brian and Me!!!


LeLe said...

That picture of Mili signing "I love you" is so sweet!

Sooz said...

Love the sweet! My mom told me that she had all her labor with me in her back. She said the nurses rubbed her back raw because she was hurting so much in that area but she wouldn't let them stop because it helped them pain with them rubbing her back. She had zero back pain with my older sister so all babies are definitely different. I hope you feel better!

Sarah and Shannon said...

Beautiful pictures. These last few weeks are tough--take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture show. You guys are the cuteist family ever! Was that only one little stretch mark I go girl!!! Your belly looks beautiful and Mili saying I love you to Sadie is precious. Take it easy, your still in my prayers.
Love Dawn :)

Alice said...

It is a scar from gall bladder surgery 3 months after Mili was born.

I tried to cover it in most pictures but it didn't work. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Girl you ain't got nothing to hide! You look awesome!