Thursday, August 16, 2007

Planes, Trains, and Automobile Obsessions

Since the arrival of Sadie Beth is getting closer and closer with each passing day, I have been only blogging about her so here is some Mili material for you starving grandparents.

Mili has developed some obsessions with modes of transportation recently.

Airplanes - started on our trip home to Arkansas in May. She loved the plane ride and can't wait to get on another one. We watched several planes take off and land out the airport window while waiting for our plane to arrive.

Trains - "CHOO CHOO" is what we hear many times a day in our house and in the car. It is never said without her little arm moving up and down like she is telling a truck driver to honk his horn. She also loves Thomas the Train and asks to go see Thomas anytime we are in the store.

Automobiles - Mili would rather play with a car any day than a baby. She loves to make the VAARRROOOOMMM sound while she is playing (she doesn't do anything quietly anymore).

Fire Trucks - She can't get enough of them. We have a fire station close to our house and she hears them all day (and I do mean ALL DAY). Mili puts her little hand up by her ear and says, "Listen Mommy, hear dat, hear dat fire fighter."

Dump Trucks - These are on the top of Mili's list. She loves to see them in pictures, on television, in the store, and especially on our church property (we are building an activity center). She thinks that the sound from the waste management emptying the dumpsters is a dump truck. We checked out a Bob the Builder video from the library and she still talks about that video.

Space Shuttle - As you can see in the pictures below, Mili has taken up Daddy's interest in space. While Brian and I were eating dinner the other day, Mili walked up to the table with her drum on her head (as pictured) and said something. We could not figure out what she was saying and then it hit me. She was saying the word spaceship. Brian tried to teach her the word astronaut but she couldn't quite get it and we were afraid that she may say the first part of the word without the rest so we are letting that word rest for now.

I can't believe how big our "baby" has become. I love seeing her learn new things everyday. She is just like a sponge right now and we are trying to take advantage of that. She also loves to read books and watch cartoons (normal toddler). I love the fact that she has no idea I am asking her to learn when we are reading (I stop and ask her to count the pictures, or ask her the color of something). She thinks it is a game instead of learning time.


LeLe said...

Methinks you have a precious little tom-boy on your hands! That's great that she's so interested in all of those things. I love the picture with the drum on her head being an astronaut. You could teach her "spaceman" but she's not a boy and I've never heard of a "spacewoman" before.

Anonymous said...

Mili is too cute and it's great that she diverse in what she likes to play with, you guys are wonderful parents. Kids bring such joy to our day to day, besides His son, I think my sons are God's greatest gift to me. Have a great weekend.

Love Dawn :)

Sooz said...

Cute pictures!

Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying all of your comments and pictures of Mili. Hope her little sister gets here soon.

Aunt Norma