Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend Review

Friday night we went on our normally "date" to Sam's. Since we both ate a late lunch we didn't eat our pizza there we just ordered a whole one to bring home. I also wanted to go to Sam's because I was not feeling well and wanted to check my blood pressure. My blood pressure was 137/79. That is still ok for now. I am interested in seeing what it is at my appointment on Wednesday. We got a few things and were on our way home (I was very tired).

Brian had to go back to work late Friday night. He also had to work Saturday for a couple of hours and Sunday night. I don't know how much I will see him this week because he will still have time at the machine that he is working on through this week. From what I understand if you don't use that time on the machine, you lose it. Well I think his group is making good use of the

On Saturday, we went to the playground on campus at about 9:00 am and by 10:00 it was too hot to stay and play. Mili enjoys the playground so much and this time there were three other kids that came up to play. We were the first ones there and each child that came up Mili went up to them and said, "Hi, I'm Mimi". She is so friendly but can also be so bossy. She would then tell them to come on and slide down with her. The funny thing is that all of the kids followed her (I hope that means that she will be a leader instead of a follower). She even had a four year old boy doing everything she told him to do (a little

After leaving the playground we relaxed and played at home. Brian went to work and Mili and I napped. After Brian came home we went to Red Lobster to eat for our anniversary. Mili was an angel at the restaurant. She ate all my mashed potatoes but I didn't mind since I was having crab legs (yum yum). Mili colored and was very content the whole time we were there. We then went to Target for a few things and then came home.

Sunday was an excellent worship day for us. Brian was on praise team but I didn't have any service to do this week so it was a relaxing, spirit filled day for me. We had the Lord's Supper and I always enjoy when I get to partake in that (especially with Brian). When Brian is on praise team we go to church early for practice and Mili will ask ten thousand times when she can go to class. She loves her class and her friends at church. She is learning so much about Jesus. Most importantly that he loves her. It was a great day.

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Shana said...

Glad to see you're this much closer to your Tuesday goal, Alice! Sounds like you had a great weekend. Our little Mimi would just LOVE your little Mimi! (hug) Hope today is blessed and restful - only as eventful as you want it to be.