Saturday, September 22, 2007

Life with Mili

Mili wore her new clothes that Nanny (Brian's mom) made her today to church. She was so cute that everyone was commenting on her outfit. I just had to take pictures of how cute she looks in it.

I wanted to blog about Mili's cute sayings while I can remember them and so I will have record of them.
I love the way she says and does everything but these are a few things that I just couldn't live without.

I love the way Mili.......

says, "I yuv you, Mommy" "I yuv Sadie, Mommy" "I yuv you, Daddy"

says, "I miss Daddy, Mommy" while Brian is at work

says "DV-dv" (emphasis on the capital letters) for a DVD
says "movie box" for her portable DVD player

puts a 't' on the end of many words and most of her numbers

says "take a look, Mommy" while using her imagination and looking thru her imaginary binoculars

does a Pierette after I fix her hair and says, "I bootiful, Mommy"

says, "I'm myself" for I can do it myself

says, "Mommy lay down down floor" when she wants me to play with her in the floor

sings, "Kinkle, Kinkle little star"

sings the ABC song and always leaves out "EFG"

counts everything (hoping she is not OCD) mainly every stair at the apartment complex (there are many of them)

jumps over every crack, counting them at the same time, on the sidewalk at our apartment complex

says, "I need new new milk" when she needs more milk or wants cold milk

dances ( I mean breaking it down) while Brian is practicing for praise team at church

opens her door in the morning from her crib and in a quiet sweet voice says, "I wake, Mommy"

tongue flies out between her teeth when she says, "Sadie Beth"
always says, "Mommy" after everything, if you can't tell by the above statements.

wants to always help me with Sadie (change her diaper, bathe her, or just wants to hold her)

"reads" the Very Hungry Caterpillar book to me

says, "what's wrong, Mommy" in hopes that I will in turn ask her "what's wrong, Mili"

says, "Jesus loves me" when she is looking at her bible

says, "I yuv church"
says, "Emily Yeung (from the disney channel) do's that" she says do's instead of does
says, "I want NO ______" instead of saying "I don't want that"


Chelle said...

Aww. That's too sweet! I agree that you need to blog about it now before you forget!

Anonymous said...

Kids are sooo sweet! What's up with that Hungrey Caterpillar? Jacob and Ryan love it too, and for the OCD, I hope it's just a growing thing they go through because I really think sometimes that Jacob has it ( I do though). He has to have a perfect blanket, flat and straight and does things over and over until he's perfected it and things have to be just right in there place etc., maybe this is just their age. Anyway, great post. Only 5 more days until your house is full! I am so excited for you all.

Dawn :)

Sooz said...

Love the pictures and I wish I could sew like your MIL. She makes fantastic clothes.
I think we all have a little OCD in us.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are too sweet. Your family is beautiful and I know you are proud to be their parents.

Ms. Hazel