Saturday, September 01, 2007

We are snapping pictures like crazy around our house. My mother, sister (Erin) and her best friend (Krystal) are here for a visit (I will post pictures of them with the girls at a later date).
This picture of Sadie is a miracle, one, she is not being held and two, she has her pacifier in her mouth for longer than two seconds. Mili and Sadie had some morning time together. Mili is already teaching Sadie how to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Brian is enjoying being a daddy to two girls. He was made for this purpose. He is an excellent father to girls. I am sure there will be pictures of tea parties and dress up stuff in the future.

Mili has been busy entertaining us. As you can see she never runs out of things to do to get attention. She has put things on her head like this ever since she was a little thing.

Sadie is doing great through the night. We got two good blocks of sleep last night. She is feeding good and gained 4 oz in two days. She is just perfect!!!
I will post more later but we are busy with family and getting to know our Sadie Beth.
Love to ALL!!!


Anonymous said...

Brian and Alice,

Thanks for more cute pictures of Sadie and Mili. Of course they will not be spoiled at all this week with the visitors. I know your Mom, Erin, and Krystal all all happy to be out there, and I hope they have a great time. Keep posting the pictures. It sure is nice to share these.

Love you,

Aunt Norma

Anonymous said...

More great pics! Can't wait to see more with Ms. Janet and Erin and Krystal.
Brian looks great with his 2 girls, and Mili sure does look like her daddy, have a wonderful time together.
Love Dawn :)

Shana said...

OH! I've been gone just a few days and I get to come back to all these beautiful photos!!!! Your girls are amazing, Alice. Congratulations!!!!!