Friday, September 14, 2007

A Package from Nanny and Poppy!

We got a package from Nanny and Poppy (Brian's parents) today. As you can see there were some nice clothes in it for our Sadie Beth.

And some cute clothes that Nanny hand made for Mili Bear along with some stickers (thank God because I am running out with all this potty training). A hand written letter from home for Mommy and Daddy. (I have already read it and cried like a baby....I should know how that sounds since I have two now that remind me

Mili LOVES her new "cowboy" hat that Nanny and Poppy sent. She asked me if we could go get her horse and ride on it (as if we have a horse???) Her imagination is running wild these days.

Mili is also enjoying her "lollipop" as she plays (Brian hates they way she says lollipop now, he thinks it is too big girl talk). She was already wearing the yellow shirt when the box arrived today.....just perfect to match the hat.

Mili was proud to model her new clothes. She says, "I boo-tiful Mommy".
Thanks for the things from home. We always love to get a little piece of home when we can.
Miss you all and love you very much!!!


LeLe said...

Mili is such a little ham for the camera! I'd be excited too if I got beautiful new clothes in the mail.

Shana said...

aaaaaaaaaaw. She's too precious, Alice!