Friday, September 21, 2007

Baby Bare Feet

Ok, so this is my weakness......My girl's feet!!! I love baby feet (who doesn't???) and I especially love my babies feet!!!! You can tell with the massive amount of pictures (I took tons more, these are just the best ones...the joy of digital cameras).

It was hard for me to concentrate on taking the pictures since I was kissing those sweet bare feet between takes. Mili loved doing these takes since I had to put Sadie on Mili's back or stomach to take some of the shots. Mili said, "Mommy, Sadie on me again.....please."

As you scroll down you will see that even Daddy got in on some of the action.

Hope you enjoy our girl's sweet feet (probably not as much as we do, unless you are a grandparent, aunt, or

Have a great weekend!!!


Mandy said...

Cute little pictures. After I had Katie, I remember thinking how big John David looked. Mili's feet look so big compared to Sadie's. You realize how much your kiddos have grown when you see comparisons like that :) Hey, if that blanket is pink, Emma has that some one - it is SO soft.

Anonymous said...

cute feet, cute girls, those pics are keepers for the scrapbook! Doesn't Sadie make Mili seem so much bigger than you realized? Keep those pics coming!

Kamrin said...

So precious! I wish I had taken more feet photos!

Sooz said...

I want to reach in and tickle those feet, count their toes, and play "This little pig" So cute!