Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chilly Mili

The weather has been wonderful today (ok, a tad bit cold for me but Brian is in heaven and as you can tell from the pictures below Mili is enjoying it with Daddy).
Mili is giving me the thumbs up on the weather and on being outside in general.

More thumbs up with a little cross-eyed action.

Daddy and Mili enjoying some good conversation outside.
Mili has now convinced Daddy that it is a thumbs up day!!!
Couldn't post without a picture or two of our sweet Sadie Beth. Sadie LOVES her swing and we LOVE it too (sometimes we love it in the middle of the night when Sadie wants to be awake).
Sadie wore a sweet green outfit (can't tell because the picture is so bright) with a hat. It was very chilly this morning when we went to church.
She was too cute in her little hat but I had to continually tell people she was a girl because she was dressed in green.


Shana said...

The sweetness of Daddy/Daughter time! And Sadie...I wish I could sniff the top of her head and hold that squishy little baby body! You're so blessed and the best thing is that you know it! *smooches* from WI!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Ryan, Jacob, Mommy and Daddy used to love that exact same swing too!
Sadie looks like a sweet pea in green. It's funny how people assume that only a boy wears green, but don't stop dressing her in different colors, it's great. Have a wonderful week1

Love Dawn :)

Sooz said...

The pictures of Mili and Brian are priceless!
No idea why people automatically assume that a girl should be decked out in pink...I love the other colors.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures. I glad to have the time to view them again.
Love you all,