Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mommy got picture happy

Be prepared for a TON of pictures!

Mili "kickling" Sadie.

Sadie content for the moment

Just wanted you all to see from this picture that Sadie is already learning her alphabet in sign language. This is the letter E. Look what I can do, Mommy!!
Mili is watching tv and Sadie wants big sis to pay attention to her.

Mili has now convinced Sadie to watch tv as well. The bad influence of big sis has already started or maybe it is the following in her sisters footsteps that has already begun.

Just wanted you all to see Sadie's blue eyes. Mili kept her blue eyes even though Brian and I both have brown eyes but we don't know about Sadie's yet. It would be a hoot if we had another blue eyed child since the odds of it happening is 25%.

Not sure what is on Miss Mili's mind at the time but looks like some heavy thinking to me.

Upon Mili's request the girls are laying side by side. Mili has had a cold so I haven't let her close to Sadie so she is excited to be laying with her lil sis.

I asked them both to look at the camera and we will have to record this. They did it!

Sadie is letting Mili know that she is in her territory (loudly).

Just a cute face!

Mili loves to pat Sadie and tell her she loves her. It is too sweet!

One more of sweet cheeks.
I hope you all enjoyed the picture show. I did get somewhat carried away with the camera but I will be glad I did later in life.
Please scroll down and check out the blog entry with the title "Black and White at it's best". I started on this one several days ago and had to stop (don't know why, I have nothing to do all day) so it saved as a draft and then it posted on the date I saved it before. So don't miss the black and white photos below the "Happenings in the House" post.
Love to All!!


Chelle said...

It's not overboard when you've got a good reason to get picture happy! Being a mommy of two beautiful girls is reason enough for me! Keep 'em coming!

Shana said...

*sigh* fluffy newborn cheeks. Mili is a great big sister!!!

Anonymous said...

Alice and Brian,
I just wanted you to know those girls are so PRETTY. Victoria had to show me your blog and to see her new family member's. They are so pretty! Congratulations to you both.

Anonymous said...

The internet is such a great thing for family and friends who are miles apart. Wonderful pics, keep 'em coming!

Dawn :)

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for posting pictures of the family so often. I look forward to checking this space every day, and am so excited when I see new pictures. These two little girls are just beautiful, and I know you two are really enjoying them. Again, thanks for making my days happier.

Aunt Norma

Sooz said...

Love all the pictures..keep'em coming. There is something so unique and special about black and white photos...they always looks so priceless.

AMENMom said...

These pictures are SO great. I have lots like this from when Ethan was just born, and they are so precious to me now. Abby loves looking at them, and it's so wonderful to see them learning to love each other.