Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Too Cute Not To Post

This is my sweet Mili Bear telling me, "I a peace offsir, Mommy. I keep my friends safe." Take notice of the cell phone in her diaper (pocket as she calls it). I am not sure if it is supposed to be a gun or a phone at this point. After taking this picture, Mili says to me, "I need my hat, Mommy." So we go to pick out the perfect police officer hat. After putting that on she is still not satisfied with her uniform and thinks she needs her boots.

Now the "uniform" is complete (a new pull-up and a serious face). I love when Mili uses her imagination. She is fascinated with fire fighters, police officers, anything with sirens, and she always wants to go fast in the car. She says, "FASTER DADDY, FASTER" from the back seat EVERY time we are in the car. I am a little worried about what she will want to do when she is a teenager with these early signs of thrill seeking. Daddy doesn't help when he feeds the passion by "stepping on it" when taking off from a stop light.....Mili giggling the whole time.

Thanks for reading about our sweet Mili Bear. Did I mention how much I love being at home with my sweet girls. As I type Sadie is screaming so now I am holding her with one hand and typing with the other (She is learning at an early age to fight her sleep). I have waited my whole life to live the life I have right now (minus being so far from family and friends).

I apologize now for any errors on this post since I am rocking Sadie and the laptop is going up and down on my lap....hard to edit that way as well.

Hugs and Kisses from Mili the Police Officer.


Sooz said...

Definitely too cute not to those pink boots.

Chelle said...

So cute! LOVE it!

LeLe said...

Okay, I've said this so many times but she is SO related to MK. He used to wear shorts and cowboy boots. I love it when kids wear cowboy boots with shorts or dresses. Just precious. And I love her creativity of wanting to be a "peace" officer.