Monday, September 10, 2007

Sadie Beth's first Sunday at Church

Sadie Beth had her first Sunday at church (it was not her first trip to church.....that was Wednesday night). She was a good girl minus the occasional grunt (she is a loud sleeper and a loud eater due to her excessive grunting). I hope she will grow out of some of that soon.

The cute blue outfit is from my best friend Dani Lee. She gave it to me in May when I went home to Arkansas for a visit. When I tried it on her on Sunday morning, I couldn't believe it fit her (Sadie now weighs 7lbs 7 oz). Hope you enjoy the pictures of us with Sadie. We didn't plan the blue theme (Mili wore pink on Sunday, she was asleep when we took these pics).

It was sooooo good to be back in church Sunday. We have really missed that connection with God. The praise and worship was fantastic and 5 people came to the front for baptism (4 of those 5 recently asked Jesus to live in their heart forever and chose to follow Him). One of the couples that accepted Christ this last week were mine and Brian's family to connect with through Connections Team. We have prayed for them all summer hoping to get this outcome. We knew they didn't know Jesus and are now glad they are in the family of God. PRAISE GOD for a great day in His house.
Please pray for my friend Hazel and her family as they have a funeral for her mother today. Thank God her mother was a believer and is with Jesus now. She was a sweet, sweet lady who always put a smile on my face.
Hugs and Kisses to ALL!!!


Sooz said...

Your family is so precious! Sadie has grown a lot in the past week! Glad to hear about your connection family committing their lives to Christ....He is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls. That is great about your Connection family, and 5 baptisms, how awesome!
Mamaw's service was lovely, the pastor was great and preached a good sermon that I have feeling Mamaw would have loved. Everyone seems to be doing well.
I am glad you all got to get back into church, life just does not seem right when one is not able to attend.
Have a great week.
Love Dawn :)

Mandy said...

Beautiful pictures :) Don't you just love to have a little blue (or green or purple) for your new baby girl. Not that I don't LOVE pink but sometimes it is nice to have a little something different.