Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happenings in the House

This week started with a bang at church. We enjoyed it so much as I mentioned in one of the posts below.

Monday night Brian had a Deacon meeting (yes, I married my father). I grew up in a Deacon/Elder family and now I will be married to one (Brian will be ordained September 30th). Anyway, He came home from work ate dinner and rushed off to church for his meeting. When he arrived home from the meeting he said he was not feeling well and he took his temperature and had fever. We immediately tried to keep him from the babies (a difficult task to do with a 2 year old that would rather be with Daddy than anyone else on the face of the earth).

I was already feeling like a single mom on Monday because Brian was home a short time before going to the meeting and I had already put Mili to bed by the time he returned home. By this time I was pooped from bathing Mili (something I haven't done much of since I fell at 34 weeks pregnant). I am not yet allowed to lift all 28 lbs of Mili so every event is just that an EVENT. I have found ways around every detail in order to take care of my sweet Mili Bear. I drag her step stool/seat from the kitchen to her room for nap time in order to get her to step up onto the top step to then step over into the bed/crib. I have to do the same to get her out of the crib. When I bathe Mili I use her potty chair/step stool to get her over into the bath tub and out of the tub. Mili thinks it is a game and has adjusted well to it. I only have a few more weeks before I can lift her.

Ok, now back to my sweet hubby who is sick. Brian slept in the bedroom and I kept Sadie in the living room with me all night. Brian woke up with a fever on Tuesday morning and went to work anyway (he used all his sick leave to be at home with me after Sadie was born). Brian has been coming home during lunch to watch the girls while I work so I can have at least one good hour of uninterrupted work each day. On Tuesday, he stayed at work during lunch and when he came home he immediately went to the bedroom (his timeout spot, as he called it).

On Wednesday morning Brian was fever free and continued to be that way all day. I have never been so happy to have him back helping me last night. Monday night and Tuesday night alone where enough to make me go insane waking up and feeding Sadie, doing all the feedings during the day with both girls, and baths again. Brian was happy to hold the girls and be back in service last night. We skipped church last night due to the fact that I didn't feel like I could go one more mile without some serious rest. During all this craziness I didn't even have time to take a shower myself so the thought of getting the girls ready for church was not so bad but the thought of getting myself ready for church was beyond what I could do.

Today I am feeling much more rested and Brian is too. We both feel very good and hope that the fever bug will go somewhere else. I have checked both girls periodically for fever and we are ok so far. Mili is happy to be playing with Daddy again and I am very happy for the help. Brian came home at lunch today and I got a shower all by myself with no interruptions. It felt so GOOD.

For any of you single moms out there, I don't know how you do it. All I could think about was my friend Mandy taking care of her three kids while her husband was trying to get a job in the area where they moved (he was still back home at his other job while waiting on a new one). I don't know how anyone does it, even for a short time.

Well that is how our week has gone around here. I am hoping it will get better now. Sadie had a blocked tear duct after she was born and it has cleared up but now the other duct is clogged. Please pray for her to have healthy eyes soon. I am sick of medicating her eyes and cleaning them all the time (as if there is not enough things to take care of on an infant anyway).

Thanks for listening to my "poor me" week. Hope all of you are having great weeks.


Sooz said...

Completely understand the Deacon/Elder roll in your life. My dad has been a deacon for most of my life and it does take up a lot of their time some weeks. Congrats to Brian is such a huge honor to be in the new roll he is taking on come Sept. 30th.
Glad everyone is feeling better and hopefully you will be more rested come this weekend. I don't see how non-single mothers handle everything but a single mom...gracious I don't even want to know! =0

Mandy said...

I don't consider that a "poor me" post. I can tell that even though you are tired, you are relishing every moment (well probably most moments) with your sweet girls. That is tough having a sick hubby when your newest is so young. Every afternoon when my kiddos were younger, I was waiting at the door for David to come in. It is so nice to have that extra pair of hands. I am sure you know, but it gets easier the older Sadie gets and she is more in a routine and oh yeah - congratulations to Brian :)

Chelle said...

My husband is a deacon, too! Isn't it great to be married to a Godly man?!?!

I understand the whole single mom aversion. I don't know what I would do without Eric!