Sunday, October 07, 2007

Spoiling Mili

As Mili says, "Take A LOOK"!

Can you believe we still have church members asking if they can bring us dinner (people from our life groups brought dinner every night for two weeks after Sadie was born). We had a sweet family bring by dinner on Tuesday night and their two youngest girls (they have six children, great family) brought Mili these COOL sunglasses and this CUTE tent. One of the girls was in the sixth grade small group I lead last school year. They loved seeing Mili get so excited about the gifts they brought. Sadie Beth came out on top with two sweet outfits.

We are so blessed by our sweet church home here. Life would be unbearable without our friends from church. I was glad our parents were able to meet some of the great people in our life groups.

Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades! Check out the tent behind Mili Bear.

Mili asked me to put the sunglasses on her head. She said, "I just wear 'em like this, Mommy".

Mili is already fixing her tent with her tools. You see she has everything she needs for a good camping trip. Her new orange flashlight from Nanny (my mom), her stylin' yellow hat from Nanny (Brian's mom), her tool set, her new sunglasses and let's not forget the baby from Aunt Peggy and/or Aunt Becky.

Many people that brought dinner during the two weeks after Sadie was born brought Mili presents too. She received many different types of books, cds, and of course the sweet stuff pictured above. What can I say except that Mili is SPOILED ROTTEN!!!

We love you all and miss everyone.

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Sooz said...

Love the tent and sunglasses!