Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rare Photos

Pictures of me and the girls are few and far between. I am usually the one behind the camera because of my scrapbooking habit. I didn't even have to ask for these pictures to be taken. Maybe Brian is starting to understand how important scrapbooking is to me. Capturing my girls moments are priceless. Mili's scrapbook is already about 3 inches tall and I can't wait to start Sadie's. Mili already likes to look at her "big book" as she calls it.

Mommy moments with Sadie Beth......

This is not so rare but I thought I would add it to my blog. I almost hit her feet with the door when trying to go check on Mili Bear. I don't want to think she is getting too big for her crib. I know we will have to put her in a big girl bed soon. I am not ready for her to be loose in the middle of the night. If she could get out of bed herself, she WILL.
Thanks for reading. Love to All!!


Sooz said...

So sweet!

Shana said...

priceless photos of MOM and baby!

You guys have had a lot of activity lately. I'm glad your family was able to come up and spoil the girls.