Friday, October 19, 2007

The Famous Engagement Pictures

Julie and her man. They are so sweet it is just too cute not to share.

This is a picture of them before the big day, I just thought it was a good close-up of them.

This picture and the one below are from a tourist that took pictures of the proposal actually happening in front of the reflection pool in front of the Capitol downtown. That tourist asked if they wanted them to send the pictures on email. They will ever be grateful for this tourist that took pictures of that incredible moment when everything else seemed to stand still.

In Julie's lap is a scrapbook that HE made of all the dates and things they have done together up until this day. The last page had her ring tied to it with a big red bow. I saw the scrapbook and I told her to hang on to that boy with all her strength, he is a keeper. Not many men would do something that special for their partner (except Brian, sorry have to put that in).

Beautiful ring, huh!!!!
Julie is still in shock here after the proposal, at dinner.
Aren't they CUTE!!! Just wanted to share.
If you don't know who Julie is then you can scroll down and read the blog titled Ju-wii

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