Friday, October 12, 2007

The Doctor Is In!

Elmo light up ring AKA "stethoscope"

While Mili is examining Sadie she says, "I Sadie's doctor, Mommy." I said, "Is Sadie healthy?" Mili said, "Sadie IS healthy, Mommy!" I love the way she emphasises IS when she really means it, otherwise she just leaves "is" out of her sentences.

Later while I was feeding Sadie, Mili walked up to me and said, "Sadie have hiccups, Mommy."

I can rest now knowing that other than a growling tummy and a big whoopin' case of the hiccups, everything looks good.

Notice in the pictures how the "stethoscope" is moved to different parts of Sadie's body.

Dr. Mili has her patients best interest in mind with the toys around Sadie to help her feel calm.

Enjoy! I do everyday!!!

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Anonymous said...


How cute are these pictures. I know Mili is a big help in taking care of "Sadie's health"

Keep posting these pictures. They are precious.

Love to all,

Aunt Norma