Monday, October 22, 2007

Mili the Pirate, ARRRHH!!!!!!

Well, the pictures some of you have been waiting for. We have been talking about them all weekend but unfortunately the blogger photo attachment was having technical difficulty.

Mili absolutely loves pirates and pirate ships (I think from an episode of Backyardagins, it's a cartoon). Anyway, She thinks every boat is a pirate ship and she often walks around saying "ARRRHH" or "ARRRHH Matee" (taught to her by her lovely daddy when she was just learning to talk).

Saturday at the harbor Mili and Brian were able to take a tour through this ship (USS Constellation). They stayed in the ship longer than the tour took because Mili didn't want to leave it. She had a blast and I am glad that Brian could share that with her.

USS Constellation

Mommy and Mili outside of the ship

Mili "driving" the ship from the outside of the ship. This was located outside the ticket booth for kids to play with. Mili loved the fact that it really did turn. I had to run interference several times so she didn't knock herself in the head with it.

Is that a pair or what? Notice they have the same foot off the sidewalk at the same time. Like father like daughter.

Mili and Daddy walking across the "bridge" to enter the ship.

Mili and Daddy on the top of the ship. Mili was so happy to be on the ship and even happier when she found out she could see us way, way down on the ground.

Mili and Daddy looking out one of the cannon holes "window".

Mili saying "Goodbye".
So Goodbye for now.
Love to ALL!!!

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