Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Shadow

I wanted to post some pictures of mini me. Mili is the little mama these days.
Here are pictures of her rocking her baby just like mommy rocks Sadie Beth. She has her doll wrapped in a towel because she just gave the doll a pretend bath in Sadie's bath tub.

So cute.....take a look at those long, black eyelashes.
Poor baby is almost upside down.


Anonymous said...

Cute as always! I can't wait to see your scrapbooks! Hope you and Brian are doing well. I am on the countdown, I'm already 34 weeks. But you know how that feels right?!
Have a great weekend :)
Love Dawn

Shana said...

too sweet! Details like "head up" just aren't important as the cuddle for a 2 year old. LOL