Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Little Biker Girl

Today was a sunshiny day with the air temperature to match it. There are alot of deceiving days here where you think it is warmer than it is because the sun is shining.

I asked Mili if she wanted to go out and ride her bike this morning and her response was, "No Mommy, the sun is too bright and I can't see." This poor child has her Aunt Aimee syndrome. She can not see in the sun and it actually debilitates her. She will cover her eyes with her hands and completely stop walking if the sun hits her eyes. I guess we need to invest in some good baby sunglasses for her. She ask for her sunglasses everyday that the sun is out.

Mili is getting good at riding her bike. She goes forward and backwards over and over until she gets bored. You know our balcony is only so big and I can't even imagine the funnest home video if I were to try to take both kids and the bike down the stairs for her to ride in the empty parking lot (I think I would pull out all my hair before I got down the several sets of stairs and to the back of the lot, well maybe not since I wouldn't have any extra hands to do So for now, Mili just has to be a balcony bike rider.

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Sooz said...

That is a great bike! Love the handle on the back.