Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sitting, Sitting, Sitting......Most of the Time!

Sitting without support is our new thing. Sadie is trying hard to keep herself in the vertical position while sitting. She still has her issues when anything is out of reach (you will notice in one of the photos).

We got out the trusty Papasan chair cushion. We used this for Mili too. We did it more for Mili's head since she was very top heavy for a long time. With Sadie, we are trying to give the poor people that live under us a relief from the constant foot banging.

Just wanted to share our growing Sadie Beth's sitting pictures.


Sooz said...

Great accomplishment! Those chubby legs are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Sadie is dong great! She looks wonderful and content. I love our babies hitting their milestones, it'll make a mama and daddy feel so good and proud. Have a blessed week.

Love the Redd Family :)

LeLe said...

Beautiful! Love the legs!!!