Thursday, March 20, 2008

The JOY of Giving!!!

After Christmas this year we decided to start a new family tradition. We want to pick an organization to give to all year. New Life Deaf Ministries/ Happy Hands School is our focus this year. I found a piggy bank Mili received when she was a baby and we explained to her that these coins are going to children in Honduras so they can learn about Jesus. She was so excited and she always wants to know if I have some coins to put in it. I have to go searching sometimes but I would rather the money go there than lay around the house.

New Life Deaf Ministries is a ministry that is very close to my heart. There are not many days that I don't think about the people there. I went on a mission trip to Honduras in 2003 and have been changed forever. We are truly spoiled rotten in the US.

We were greeted with gifts by the children who go to the Private christian school "Happy Hands".

Here is the sign for the school.

Here are some of the children who attend the school. The only boy in this picture is the family we helped the week I was there. We did repairs and painting on his home (1 1/2 hours away and his mother travels that everyday on a bus with him so he can go to school, GREAT mom

They had a culture day when we were there. They don't normally dress this way but they were learning about their culture (clothing, food, etc).

We are traveling by bus to go to the little boy's house to do repairs. I am in the hat and sunglasses. The lady standing is the director of the program. She is from Arkansas and she is hearing (her Spanish and Spanish sign language are fantastic). She lives their now and has adopted a Honduran girl.

Hurricane Mitch destroyed so many streets and they are still not repaired.

Telling the children from the school GOODBYE!

The sign for the church.

Mili says, "Here is some coins for the shildren learn 'bout Jesus. Jesus loves everyone, Mommy."

There is never enough coins for her to put in the piggy bank. I hope she always wants to give BIG to the cause of Christ.

Making sure the coins are getting in the right place, especially if there are dollars in there and she can't hear the coins hit when she drops them.

Shake, shake, shake to make sure it is getting full and the "shildren" can learn that Jesus loves them ALOT!

I hope that during this time of the year we will reflect on how blessed we are to have a Savior and Lord that gave EVERYTHING for us. We can surely give some of what we have or He has given us (everything we have is from Him anyway). Giving is top on our list of things to help our children understand. The JOY of giving is so GREAT. Watching Mili get excited about the "shildren" learning about Jesus makes my heart SMILE.

Please check out the link above to the New Life Deaf Ministry website. There is information on how it was started and how you can give. If not there, there are many other places that can use your money, time, or talents to further the Kingdom of God.

We love you all and Happy Easter!!!

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Sooz said...

That is so great about Mili! When I was doing the Change Angel deal for Childrens Hospital there is a little boy the same age as Mili and he is still bringing me change in baby food jars that he has decorated himself. Its the sweetest thing ever. I hope my future babes are this Giving!
Love sign language. My mom's best friend in high school is the director of Little Rock's deaf school. Both of her parents were deaf and she is the only one who hears. Its amazing!

LeLe said...

Alice, this is so inspiring! My sorority's philanthropy is helping the speech and hearing impaired, so this really is a neat post! The sorority works with Galludet University in D.C., which is the only school especially for students with speech and hearing impairment (from what I understand). There's even a Delta Zeta chapter on their campus. Cool! Anyway, I think it's great that Mili is so enthused about helping children learn about Jesus.

Chelle said...

Oh, how heart touching. Never too young to be a missionary, huh?!?!? Great post.