Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mommy's Letter to Mili

***I added to this post if you have already read it today!

I didn't get around to doing this for Mili last month and I am late putting it up this month but I was determined not to leave my sweet Mili Bear out this time. This should have been done on the 2nd but our family has been battling the stomach virus.

My Sweet Mili Bear,

You are now 2 years and 9 months old. I love the stage you are in right now. You are so much fun. I love the play time we have together and as mentioned many times before, I LOVE your wonderful, deep imagination. You are such an attraction to people and children at church. Everyone loves you and especially loves having conversations with you (since you are one of the only kids in your class who will carry on a conversation with your teachers).

Your favorite friends at church right now are all boys (James, Clayton, and Nicolas) however, you play well with anyone who will play with you and listen to you read stories to them. You are a little bossy when it comes to story time, telling your friends where to sit while you "read" to them.

Your favorite activity in the Blue Classroom is to make a train out of the chairs and have your friends ride with you.

Mommy's favorite things about you right now are the fact that you can have a conversation with me (although sometimes it goes on forever).

I love....

  • the way you say "bascebi" for spaghetti

  • the way you say, "Mommy do you forgive me." especially when you didn't do anything wrong
  • the way you say, "Ahhh, you welcome sweetheart." when I say thank you to you.
  • the way you say, "Sure" for your answer to many of my questions.
  • the way you say, "I guess you're right, Mommy."
  • the way you pray to God each night thanking Him for EVERYTHING in your life.
  • the way you say, "Shall we....." when you want to do something.
  • the way you say, "no thank you" even when I am telling you to do something (it always makes me smile, but I still make you do whatever I was telling you to do).

  • ****I decided to add some more great things I love about you
  • the way you are obsessed with bible stories (I pray you will always love the bible this much)
  • the way you can recite bible stories word for word
  • the way you pick a bible story DVD over anything else
  • the way you already LOVE Jesus so much
  • the way you always want your lesson papers from church hole punched and put in a book to keep so we can read them over and over, and we do....smile.

Mili you are telling me a bible story now and that is what reminded me to add the lines above. You are so passionate and animated while telling the stories. I think an atheist would believe any story you told them about the bible.

Mommy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the fact that you are fully potty trained (even at night) and have been for the last few months.

Mili, I love you all the way to the moon and back and then some!!!! I am so glad God gave you to me!!!!




LeLe said...

So sweet.

Chelle said...

I love that she says, "shall we..." too cute!

Anonymous said...

You are such a great writer. Sorry you've all had the tummy bug, we all had it too, except James, thank God! Hope you all get to feeling better. Lots of Love.

Dawn :)