Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here are lovely family Easter pictures. We don't all get dressed up like this often so it is a treat to see both of the girls in frufru dresses.

Hope the grandparents are happy with ALL the pictures. Mili took the last picture of Brian and myself. I didn't even have to crop it (Brian has a funny look on his face because he is telling Mili how to run the camera, "push" is the word).

Hope your Easter was/is Fantastic and that you have reflected on how fortuate we are to have a loving Savior who gave EVERYTHING (including his life) in order to FREE us.


LeLe said...

Love the pictures! The girls look beautiful as usual. Love the frufru dresses. Mili did a good job on that picture. Happy Easter!

Sooz said...

You have a beautiful family! The girls dresses are adorable.