Thursday, March 06, 2008

Our Little Sicklings

Most days I think I pretty much have things under control here in our home with the two girls (I never have Brian under I wouldn't say that I have the house under control but I try to do something related to the house each day.

It has been a strange week due to the fact that the stomach virus has planted it's roots deep into our tiny apartment. It started with Sadie on Friday night. She had a small up-chuck before I left to go to scrapbooking club at church. Brian kept the girls and he had to clean up another spew while I was gone. Sadie only had one other episode on Saturday during the day and then she was pretty much back to normal. She still is having some issues from the other end but enough talk about this.

We went to our potluck for our Marriage Life Group on Sunday night at church. Everyone seemed to be fine and Sadie was starting to drink formula again after me syringe feeding Pedialyte through the two nights before (I didn't want a dehydration run to the ER to complicate things anymore). We had a great time with our class and got to know them all better.

Sunday night during the night, Mili woke up puking her guts up. After changing sheets, clothes, and disinfecting everyone and everything, it of course happened again. Another round of cleaning up everyone and everything. I can't remember now if it was Sunday night or Monday morning when Brian got it. He stayed home from work on Monday with many trips to the bathroom.

On Monday it was like a hospital here. Sadie was on 2 oz of milk every hour to try to get her back on track and Mili was complaining, crying , throwing fits because she hates Pedialyte. Mili is our milk baby (and NOTHING else). She doesn't like juice at all (not even juice boxes). After much bribing to get fluid into Mili we were settling in a little more. Sadie had some blow-out diapers and I was becoming very tired of changing clothes, sheets and myself by this time.

Tuesday morning before Brian could get off to work, Mili was up-chucking her milk. We went all day without milk again trying to make her eat Popsicles or something to get some fluid in her. Tuesday night I went to the church to practice for a white glove/black light hand show we are doing.

Wednesday morning Brian went to work out (he was obviously feeling much better) and I tried to get some normalcy back to the house. Sadie was up to 6 oz every three to four hours and maybe one bad diaper. Mili was eating small amounts of soft foods and back on milk.

This morning Mili ate her oatmeal for breakfast like usual and drank a little milk. Later about 10 AM she asked for a snack. I gave her some Veggie Tales fruit snacks and on the first one she gagged and puked again. I think it is gag reflexes rather than sick this time. After a bath (that is a whole other entry) we are back to soft foods that glide down so there is no gagging going on.

Enough about all this sick talk but I had to get it out. I will post another entry about our bath experience later.

Hope all my friends and family are well. It seems like the season around here to be sick. I pray that I will stay puke-free!

Hugs and Kisses to all that want to come close enough!


LeLe said...

You must have a very good immune system. That, or God knew someone had to take care of everyone! Hope everyone feels better soon.

Sooz said...

Gosh...I can't even begin to imagine! Praying for you to stay healthy so you can nurse your sweet family back to health. Bless your heart!