Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mili's 1st Haircut

As promised, here is our first big, big girl experience. We have been talking to Mili about a haircut for several months. We have to talk up things around here so we are ready for the event when it takes place.

Mili has been talking about it for a while and we knew she and we were ready. I can't believe I almost cried. I held back the tears but it IS her 1st haircut. This place was fantastic. It is called Cartoon Cuts and they have cartoons playing for them so that they keep their heads fairly still and straight. They also had a little baggie ready for her beautiful locks and a certificate so I could scrapbook her hair.

Mili LOVES her hair but Mommy and Daddy thinks it makes her look to old. When I gave her a bath last night this was our conversation....

Mili : Mommy, I want to keep my haircut.

Me: Ok baby, let's get into the bathtub.

Mili: No Mommy, I don't want my haircut go away.

Me: Baby, your haircut will stay, it will not go away.

Mili: It will not wash way, Mommy???

When Mili woke up this morning she said, "Mommy, my haircut stayed."
Enjoy the pictures.


DAD said...

Ok, what was wrong with her hair before. I thought it was just fine before. She does look too old now with her new hair cut so tell me again what was wrong with the way she looked before so little and younggggggg. How did she get this old, she looks like she is ready for school already. I know sooner or later she was going to want a hair cut but you know how I like long hair, but I like your short hair too so I guess I can live with it. My grandbaby looks good no matter who cuts her hair off. love Ya'll see ya soon. DAD

Anonymous said...

Milli looks beautiful, her haircut DOES make her look like a little big girl. She's gorgeous!

Love Dawn :)

Chelle said...

Her hair is cute! She looks so big now!

Sooz said...

I love her new haircut and you know what it will grow like crazy since its been cut. By September it will be long again and even more beautiful!

LeLe said...

I LOVE it!!! Wish you could have been at Carrie's shower yesterday. It was great seeing Nater-man. Missing Mili and Sadie Beth.

Julie said...

ahhh!!! she looks soooo grown up!!!