Monday, March 17, 2008

The Hunt is ON!!!!

Well, the Easter Egg Hunt was Saturday. We had a fabulous day. It was supposed to rain but we ended up with sunshine. Mili has been talking about this for a month and she could not hardly wait to go "hunt" eggs. I think she remembers carrying around the advertisement for the egg hunt last year (a little scary how good her memory is). When she saw the insert in our update at church she immediately knew it was time for the egg hunt. Kids are brilliant when it comes to candy (this year she could actually eat it).

Our church does a community wide hunt each year. It gets bigger every year and this year we had 10,000 eggs. We ended up with about 500 people coming.

We started out with some cool breeze and some coloring sheets.

Then James joined us which made us unbelievably happy. Gotta love us some James (Mili's bestest friend)

Then there is Clayton or "Playton" if you are Mili. They are always smiles together. We (Clayton's parents and us) are always trying to arrange a marriage for the two of them. We always say they would have some pretty blue eyed children.

The EGG-CITEMENT is building!!!


I can't is too much for me! WAITING for the GO!!!

And we are off...

Counting eggs with Minali (one of Brian's co-workers daughters)

Mili's first time in a moonbounce or a "jumpy house" if you are Mili talking. I was thankful that Minali went in with her because she spent more time on her bottom than her feet.

Mili and Minali playing. She enjoyed the wide open field to run and scream since we don't have access to anything like this.

Follow the leader

Minali's sister, Kadence is in the red. They are a great family to play with.

We had a great day being outside playing and having some adult conversation too (very important for this stay-at-home mommy).


LeLe said...

Love the pigtails and the basket. Looks like a great time was had by all and glad you had perfect weather!

Anonymous said...

Wow, 10,000 eggs and 500 people! That's great that the community gets involved like that. God is great. Looks like Milli had a blast. Cute pics.
Love to you all,
Dawn :)

Sooz said...

How fun!