Monday, July 30, 2007


If you don't watch Blue's Clues then you don't get the title. If you have ever seen Mili watch Blue's Clues then you fully understand (the stars represent her hands going up by her face and she shakes and screams MAIL).

Anyway, We have had some packages arriving here in the last few days. On Saturday we got an Anniversary card in the mail from my Mom and Dad (it had money in it....whooohoooo restaurant here I come....oh, WE come, it is Brian's anniversary too). Thanks so much Mom and Dad. You didn't need to send us anything but it is always nice to receive a card from home.

Also on Saturday I was surprised by a package in the mail box from my best friend Dani Lee. She sent some cute croc-like shoes for Sadie. Mili loves her shoes like this and I am so glad to already have two pair for Sadie. Mili also tried to put Sadie's on and it reminded me of when I used to put on Erin's (my sister) jelly shoes and walk around the house (my mom, Aimee, and Erin are cracking up right now thinking about that). Thank you Dani Lee for thinking of us and especially for being so fashionable in your choices of colors.

Today, what another nice surprise. I got a package from UPS from Aunt Bec and Aunt Peggy (Brian's mom's sisters). They sent Sadie some clothes. This dress is a very light pink the camera didn't do it justice. It is beautiful and I can already see Sadie wearing it to church.

If my lovely aunts only knew how much I love matching hats and bibs for babies (well maybe they do know The more things that match on my babies the happier I am. Aren't they tiny and adorable.

Now if Mili is not spoiled rotten, I don't know who is. Aunt Bec sent the water pen sets and Aunt Peggy sent the baby doll. Mili is asleep right now but when she wakes up it will be a happy day for her. She just asked me this morning where her water pen was (it has been lost for a while). I told her that I would just have to buy her another one later. She said, "Go to the toy store now mommy". She will be overjoyed to see her new goodies.

It is so nice to hear from and get things from people back home. We have friends here that we have grown to love dearly and would trust our lives with but it is not like having my family and friends from home. Thank you so much for thinking of us. We get so excited when we get packages and cards from home. You guys are great!!!

We thank you for all the loot and LOVE you all. Hugs and Kisses!!!!


Sooz said...

My nieces used to love Blues Clues. They really learned a lot of good things from that show. Love the new baby crocs, outfits, and the water pens are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear Sadie is doing better and no more episodes! We are still praying. We (I say we 'cause my hubby is awesome too) are so lucky God has put wonderful men in our lives as husband and father to our children, and I think it's great you take the time to acknowlegde that to the world. The pics of Mili w/ Brian are cute and those wood cars are neat but paitence is needed! Jacob has one too.
Glad you posted a blog, and we know you all are okay, happy anniversary and enjoy your dinner out.

Love Dawn and family :)