Tuesday, July 24, 2007

35 week update

I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment at 8:40 this morning in the office in the town that we live in. I went to the office and soon found out that the doctor couldn't come in due to a sick child that need to go to the ER. I told them that I needed to reschedule for today with a different doctor because of all the problems we have had this last week (read previous posts below).

They rescheduled me for an appointment in another office two towns away (about 30 minutes) at 10:10. My plan was to come back home get Mili ready, take Brian to work and then take Mili to a friends house. Well I started to think of the time and I didn't have enough time to do all of that. Brian didn't want me upset since that seems to make Sadie crazy enough to want to come out these days, so he decided he would just take me. He took care of Mili (she was an angel) and I asked all the questions I needed to ask.

If I have more than six contractions in an hour again before next Tuesday (36 weeks) then I am to go to the hospital to get them stopped again. After next Tuesday the hospital will not stop them anymore and I will be considered ready to deliver. I would much rather Sadie wait until at least 37 weeks to come but God knows what's best for her and us.

My doctor did my Group B Strep (GBS) test (if it is positive then they have to give me antibiotics during delivery so the GBS won't affect the baby). I will know the results of that next week. She checked my cervix and I am not really dilated yet but it is soft and Sadie's head is very low now. When we were in the hospital Sunday night the nurse couldn't feel the baby's head yet. I feel better knowing that Sadie is head down and ready for delivery (she just turned within the last couple of days).

I am chillin' this week so that we can keep Sadie in at least one more week. We have a few church activities this week but nothing that is stressful. Please pray all goes well this week. Thanks for all your prayers so far. Keep them coming a little longer.

Hugs and Kisses to ALL


LeLe said...

Take advantage of the rest! Hope all goes well within the next week or two. BTW, I love the caricature of you and Brian behind you in the photo. It's so cute! Brian's eyes look like Maburn's when he smiles...they close up because his cheekbones are so high and meaty. Yum!

Anonymous said...

It is hard to get rest w/ a little one running around, but I pray you will get enough to keep Sadie happy where she is for a little while longer, I know you've got a fabulous hubby to help as much as he can, and that makes things easier...go Brian!!!
It's good to hear that Sadie will be safe to come next week if it happens, but I know for your reassurence, 2-4 more weeks would be great, like you said though, God knows what he is doing even when we don't!
Our prayers are with all of you, lots of love to all 4

Dawn :)

Sooz said...

Praying for you!