Monday, July 30, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Mili has always been some what of a Daddy's girl, but recently it has increased. Brian has been bathing Mili since I fell and hurt my knees. He has also been helping more with feeding Mili and letting me rest since the two hospital episodes.

Mili has become quite fond of her Daddy time. When it is bed time she MUST have Daddy put her to bed (which is great since it is hard to lean over the bed with this big belly). He sings her a song (My Girl) and plays a pretend trumpet (Arkansas Razorback Fight Song). She giggles and then is ready for bed.

We have a little prissy, tomboy on our hands. She wants her hair fixed (with bows, Mommy) but we want to play with cars. When we go down the car aisle at the store she says, "Yeah, oh yeah cars...VVVRRRRMMMMM!" So since she has shown such interest in cars I thought she needed a project to do with Daddy. I bought this wooden car puzzle for Brian and Mili to enjoy together (not knowing that you needed wood glue to hold the pieces together). As you can see from the pictures, Mili enjoyed herself, glue or no glue. I left the two of them to put together the car and went to the grocery store. When I returned the car was in many parts again so I didn't get a picture of the completed car.

Mili enjoyed her short time to play with the car before it started to fall apart. She also enjoyed telling Daddy which pieces went where while "they" were working on the project.

They had a good time and it only cost a dollar. I was happy with my purchase and the quality time spent between father and daughter but I am not so sure Brian was liking me about half way through the project with a zillion

Brian is a great husband and Daddy. He is also already being a great Daddy to Sadie by taking care of me. By the way, Brian has been helping out with the cooking when he can. He cooked the best hamburgers (turkey burgers) Saturday. They were so good that I had a leftover one for lunch on Sunday as well.

OK enough praises for Brian the SUPERDADDY!!!
Love to ALL!!

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Sooz said...

Priceless pictures! Mili might be a daddy's girl more also because she's giving room for Sadie. She knows as the big sister that mommy is going to need to take care of little sister a bit more. My sister was always a huge daddy's girl and now that we are older that role has sort of reversed itself.