Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Spiritual Growth

I should be the spokes person for Beth Moore. I love her bible studies. I have participated in a few studies over the years and enjoyed all of them.

Recently my quiet time with God has been lacking (every since my friend from here moved to Spain and our moms small group that was doing a Beth Moore study ended). Our christian book store here is lacking more than I have time to explain, so they have no Beth Moore studies. Anyway, so I decided to try to get a workbook from Lifeway online. While looking for a study that I was interested in (or haven't already I "stumbled" across this online bible study for Beth Moore. As I looked at the cost of it, I contemplated what to do. Do I buy a $17.99 workbook plus shipping cost and have no videos to supplement (the full set of Beth Moore videos and study usually cost $200) or do I spend the $25.00 with tax to get access to the videos online. I knew I would enjoy having the videos since I have done a study before without the videos and didn't get as much out of it. Plus if you have ever heard Beth Moore speak, you would want the videos too. So I went ahead today and bought the online version. Each week I will print out my listening guide for the video and my homework for the week. I am hole punching and placing them in a binder to keep everything together.

This is one of the best decisions, spiritually, I have made in a while. I am excited about the study and wanted to recommend it to anyone else who wants a bible study from home. I knew that the bigger I get the more I would not want to go out to a bible study (especially in the heat).

Mili was very good while I watched the video this morning. The video is split up in sections so if you don't have time to watch it all at one time (60 minutes) then you can come back and watch the rest. I can also pause it and take Mili to the bathroom (important part of our lives right now). It is perfect for a stay-at-home mom or anyone who doesn't have time to go to a study at night. You have unlimited time to do the study (normally takes 10 weeks). Since I will be delivering sweet Sadie during that time then I will have to pick up where I left off later.

I just wanted to share this info and let you know it is out there ladies. I am hoping to grow spiritually during this journey and would hate to keep it to myself. I am sure you will be hearing more about this along the way.

Please pray for one of my friends that I want to do the study with me (she knows who she is). We would converse on email about the weeks study and what we received from it. She is a special person and I want what is best for her spiritually so I am praying that she takes the plunge.

Love you guys!!!

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Sooz said...

I love Beth Moore. The last one I studied was "Get out of that Pit" I enjoyed it very much and can't wait to do the next one. She is so inspiring and I love the videos because of the way she speaks.
She had to be wonderful being from Arkansas..haha!