Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mili's 2 year check up

As you all can see I have been at work on the blog format again. I think I am happy with it for now but will probably change it again later.

Since we moved to Maryland, almost two years ago, we have had the worst time finding doctors. When we finally found a great family practice that also did pediatrics we had to change doctors because Brian's insurance changed at work. We have much better insurance now (thankful for that with the pregnancy and all).

Some friends at church recommended the practice that we went to today (pediatrics). I didn't get to see the same doctor that my friend from church recommended (couldn't see Mili until end of September). So I "settled" for another doctor for Mili's check up. I absolutely love her. I love how God takes care of ALL of our needs according to his riches in glory. She is fabulous and Mili loved her too.

When she asked Mili to open her mouth, she opened it and said, AHHHHHH! Mili was a complete angel through out the visit. The doctor said Mili was perfect (we already knew that but it is nice to hear it from someone else). She said she is still tall for her age. She also wants us to push the issue of getting someone (occupational therapist) for Mili's food texture issues. Mili got one shot at the end and cried a bit but it was over in a about 2.5 seconds (okay maybe a little bit longer than that). By the time we left the clinic she was fine, admiring her bright yellow band aid and asking if we were going to get daddy from work for lunch.

It was a great appointment. I didn't feel like I was being rushed out of the office for the next patient. I like it when I have time to ask my list of questions and not feel like they are stupid or silly.

I hope you all like the new look of the blog. By the way, please pray that Brian and I can find a good family doctor now that we are happy with Mili and Sadie's doctor.

Love you all


Anonymous said...

A good doc is hard to find, or at least like you said, one you feel is concerned about you and your needs. I am glad you found one for the girls, one less worry with Sadie coming. Blog looks great. I have to wait until Aug. 6th for my next ultrasound, I am soo anxious.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Love Dawn :)

Sooz said...

Love the new look of your blog! Praying you all find a good family doctor because that is such a hard thing to find. I have been blessed with a good family doctor here finally.