Thursday, July 19, 2007

34 week picture

I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers and nice words for me and Sadie. We are doing fine other than a little soreness that will hopefully wear off soon. I am walking much better today than yesterday.

Sorry again for the picture quality but I took it myself. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the picture. For those of you that know me well you can see that my arms and legs are getting a little meat on them (I would like to keep that part after the baby is born but I doubt that will happen). Sadie is growing bigger everyday. You can compare my 33 week picture with this one and can see a the difference.

Well I need to go and cook dinner, feed Mili, get her dressed, and eat so we can go to small group tonight. I can't wait to fellowship with our friends since it seems like it has been forever since we have seen them.

Hugs to everyone!!!


LeLe said...

What a nice, round basketball! You look radiant.

Sooz said...

I love pregnant women. There really is a glow around an expectant mother. Glad you are feeling much better. My mom was up here when I was reading your blog and said she must be having a boy. Haha...let's hope not, right? She thought it looked like you were carrying the baby kind of low and normally boys weigh down low and girls smother you up high. Definite Old Wise Tale! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh for the fall at the pool, How scared you must have been. I am sooo glad you and Sadie are okay, and we'll pray she stays put for at least 3 more weeks!
You look great though. And this is the first time I have ever heard a mother say she wants to keep her pregnancy weight, good for you! But you look great either way. Take it easy, and get as much rest as you can (hard with a little one!), love you all lots.

Dawn :)