Sunday, July 01, 2007

OH NO, Piggee tails

I had tears this morning as I looked at my sweet two year old who is no longer a baby. I am trying to grasp the idea that she is growing up but it is so hard. She looks so grown up with those pigtails. And her doing a ballerina dance with her arms above her head today, took the cake. I am not raising a baby anymore, she is a little girl (she will ALWAYS be my baby, but you know what I mean).

It is unbelievable how much Mili is learning. She knows her ABC's (but always leaves out E,F,G when singing the song). She knows her numbers from 1 to 20 (but always leaves out 8). I am in awe some days with how much she remembers about specific things. Her association with places or objects and events is incredible. She always associates an airplane with Nanny & Poppy, and Nanny & Pawpaw's house. Every time we say we are going to Sam's she says, "Mimi's milk, yay!!" She knows that we buy milk there weekly. Every time we say we are going to a party she says, "Mimi's birthday....presents." (which causes somewhat of a problem when it is another child's birthday party and she finds out the presents are NOT for Mili).

Thanks for letting me talk about my sweet baby girl (ok....big girl). See, I can't even say it. I will spare all of you that are not Mili's grandparents any more talk about sweet Mili Bear (today,

Love all you guys and miss you too!


Sooz said...

Love the Pig Tails and her twirling! I'm sure she is growing up this summer to make room for Sadie...she will be mommy's big girl helper.

Anonymous said...

Sweet little girl she is, you and Brian seem like you've done a wonderful job, although it's hard to watch them grow, it's still an awesome experience, and it seems as though you will have a very willing helper for Miss Sadie.
Love u lots

LeLe said...

I wish I had the picture of me on-hand where I got a ballerina costume for Christmas at about Mili's age and was doing the twirl with my hand above my head. My cousin Matthew stood beside me and did it too. He's a year and a half older than me. It's such a funny picture.