Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Hospital Visit......URGH!

Well, we already know that Sadie is a trouble maker. She has been causing all kinds of problems recently (I guess Mommy caused the first problem with the fall). Anyway, we had to go to Labor and Delivery again last night.

Yesterday at church I had felt a few contractions but they were not close together or anything that I felt like I should worry about. Later at about 6:00 pm I started feeling the contractions more regular and so Brian stared timing them. When I was discharged from the hospital the first time they told me if I had more than six contractions in an hour to call the doctor so we did. The doctor wanted me to drink lots of water and lay down to see if they stopped. I laid down and had a couple glasses of water. After having three hours of the same pattern of contractions I called the doctor back and she said to come in and get monitored.

We packed up and went back to the hospital. Mili was asleep but woke up in the transfer to the car. She stayed awake until nearly 11:00 pm. After being hooked up to the monitors, I started having stronger and longer contractions and they were closer together. After about 30 minutes of monitoring they gave me three shots of Tirbutaline (sp?). This is the same medication they used to stop the contractions on Tuesday. My contractions stopped and they sent me home around 1:00 this morning.

I am taking it easy today and I will see my doctor tomorrow in the office. I hope I will get some answers on when it is safe to have the baby and all the "what ifs". I will post again after my appointment tomorrow.

Please pray that Sadie will stay put at least two more weeks.
We will keep you updated.
Love to ALL!!!


LeLe said...

Praying that Sadie calms down! :) Little sister sounds like she's going to be a handful. I know you'll be relieved for her to stay in place for the next two weeks. *Hugs*

Aunt Peggy said...

We are praying. I know it is hard to rest with a 2 yr. old.
Aunt Peggy

Sooz said...

Praying for you...I know you must be exhausted from Sadie being so excited to meet you guys and trying to keep up with Mili is a challenge everyday without being almost 9 months pregnant!