Friday, July 13, 2007

Counting Bears, Gotta LOVE them!

What's a girl gotta do to get some counting bears???? I have looked at every store possible for some counting bears for Mili. I used these bears while in college for an experiment for Child Growth and Development class. I can still see the little blonde hair, blue eyed boy I picked in preschool to observe and do several experiments with. He was the most active kid in the classroom (that's why I picked him). He had such personality.

Anyway, I thought I kept the counting bears for when I had kids someday. Well I have been through a lot of junk in the last few weeks and have not seen any counting bears. I have looked online and was not willing to pay the price online plus shipping. In the process of looking online I saw that they could be purchased at Office Depot. So today Mili and I had a day out. I stopped by Office Depot and it was just like on the movies when you see that something you have been looking for. The light rays coming down on it and the hallelujah

I snatched those things up (paid $5 for them). Mili has been playing with them since she woke up from her nap. She has been matching the colors and then she takes them out to count them. She is doing so well with her counting (can count to 20). We are still working on the color thing (hence the counting bears). She says pink first for every color (the counting bears don't even have a pink).

I hope this will help with her color skills, plus mommy loves the cute little things. I have already been in the floor playing with them too.

We have had a dry pull-up all day. So potty training is great today (don't know how tomorrow will be).

I got some really great deals today! Toys R Us had diaper coupons for $7 off. So I stocked up on some diapers for Sadie (newborn, $9 for 96 diapers and stage 1, $10 for 174 diapers). I can't even get off brand diapers that cheap (we normally use Target brand because they are so cheap). I also got some brown leather flip flops for $5 at the Disney Store (regular $19.50). I love to go shopping when I can save a ton of money.

We went to the mall and Mili played at the play yard. She also loves to play on this screen that shines on the floor and you stomp on the things on it and it moves. It is really neat and Mili loves chasing around the flowers, soccer ball, or whatever is on it at the time. It has a sensor that moves the objects like you are kicking them or they splat when you step on them.

Here are some pictures of Mili with her famous counting bears.


Anonymous said...

Those counting bears are awesome. Jacob uses them for both speach and developmental therapy and he loves them. Your pic looks great, I am sure you don't feel like it but you do look good. I am so happy for you that you have everything ready for Sadie, it makes the last month so much easier when you know it's all done except for baby arriving.Is Brian getting excited? I am sure he is, tell him "hi".
Well you all have a great weekend.
Love Dawn :)

Kamrin said...

I love the new layout, and I love the photobucket slideshow! That gal sure is amazing!

LeLe said...

Melanie wants to know where you got the diaper coupons because she just ran out of diapers that she got from her showers.

Alice said...

Got the coupons in the Toys R Us sales paper (they have them in the store usually if she doesn't get them in the mail).

Sooz said...

The bears are so cute! Great deal on diapers!