Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What a Day....Resting Now!!!

Don't even know where to start...hum....well....okay. I had one of those days today. We have all had them...some have more than their fair share (thankfully I usually have fewer than others). Wednesdays tend to be hectic for me anyway.....and today.......whoa! On Wednesdays we have church so I normally have the day planned out to the minute in order to achieve everything that needs to be done before we leave the house. The good part of the day is that Mili slept and ate on schedule today (or close to it). The day started going down hill at about 5:30 pm after my shower and after feeding Mili and giving her a bath. I actually thought to myself....Wow....we are going to be ready early (normally I am running around getting last minute things done until we walk out the door because something didn't quite go as planned).

I was happy until.....the phone was a personal business call. This call was about something that was suppose to already be taken care of when we moved here and then again we tried to take care of it in April....but still no one seems to understand my story and frankly I am very tired of telling it over and over. I was nice on the phone at first (just like always) but the more and more that I had to explain myself (of course, a repeat of what I've said before) the more frustrated I became. Meanwhile....Mili is tearing up everything in site, pulling everything off the shelves, pulling on my pants ( they didn't fall down), screaming and crying when I wouldn't (couldn't) pick her up. I was telling her to "be quiet"(wanted to tell the guy on the phone to be quiet) and pulling her out of the closet and out from under the bed. He continued to talk and it was now close to 6:00 pm and we leave the house at 6:20 pm for church. I let him know that I needed to go because I would be leaving within the half hour and my baby won't stop crying. He continued to tell me how to "solve" the problem and I told him I would call back when I had more time. While leaving the room to get a pen, Mili shut the door to her room. Usually this would not worry me but if you have been reading my other entries then you know that Mili is now touching the door knobs. I was terrified that she had locked the door (we have the push button locks). I could turn the door knob (relief...aahhh) but I couldn't open the door. Mili was sitting against the door. Trying not to hurt her, I pushed on the door slowly all while I am still listening to the guy on the phone. I wrote down the number and finally hung up the phone at about 6:15 pm. I had....thought I had....five minutes to put on Mili's shoes, pack her cup, and put her bow in her hair. After fighting, kicking, and screaming (both me and Mili) I accomplished all tasks. Then 6:20 came....and went... and at 6:25 I called Brian to see if he was on his way. He got caught up at work and couldn't leave. By the time he arrived, Mili had taken out her bow about ten times and changed pacifiers three times. After arriving to church about 10 minutes late, Mili had pulled off both her shoes. I gave up and let her go barefoot and no bow in her hair. I was too exhausted to fight that battle tonight.

After that lengthy entry of a "wonderful" day, you will be glad to know that we had a great time a church. Just what the doctor ordered for me. We had sandwiches and conversation with our small group (they are terrific) and then sadly finished up our last membership class at Greenridge (now they will really put us to work). We have really enjoyed that class. Getting to know the two other couples and especially Pastor Tim has been great.

AAAAAHHHHHHH......I should sleep good tonight....Mili is!!!
Mom, does the picture above bring back memories???

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Shana said...

I hope you get all the rest you need tonight to gear up for another chasing Mili day. Sounds like today was "one of those days" we've all had and never want to repeat although we'd like to have a do-over!