Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mommy, is my light shining???

Here are some photos of Brian and Mili playing the guitar. The picture with Mili's finger in the air is her way of saying, "let's sing, This Little Light of Mine" (yep, that is her little bitty light....cute huh). She even put her finger in the air when I was bathing her, which meant Mommy had to "sing" while she was in the tub. It did keep her calm while I was trying to get her dressed (she doesn't like to put clothes on) and while I was trying to towel dry her hair (she is getting more hair now and it takes too long for her to sit and let me dry it, so she screams).

Today has been a fairly good day. Mili has been quite clingy as you can see in one of the photos. I have to be careful with the clothes I wear out (she will pull on my pant leg until they hit the floor). At home, that happens at least one time a day depending on the pants I am wearing (hope the neighbors don't have binoculars to look in the balcony door when that happens, smile).

Mili's play time today has consisted of switching her three pacifiers back and forth until she tires of it and playing under the table. I am hoping she will get tired of hitting her head on the kitchen table. She doesn't know that she is too tall and doesn't fit, so when she tries to stand up while playing under the table...well it is something like this...THUD..WWWHHHHHAAAAAA........ This happens at least five times a day. She has also tried many times to get into the kitchen (where she knows she is not to go). I am hoping that she will get tired of getting in trouble for it at some point (so far...not the case). My back is tired of getting her over and over again.

Oh well, no one said parenting would be easy. Aren't we glad God made babies cute so we couldn't get too mad at them, smile. Mili's cute little innocent face looking at me makes it hard to get on to her some days....other days.....it doesn't matter.

Hope all is going well with VBS for Holly Springs. Keep up the good work Holly Springs (Dawn, thanks for the update). I will be thinking of you all when I am working in VBS at Greenridge outside during the daytime in July. Love to all!!!


Elizabeth Robinson said...

Alice,s this so good that you are doing this here,I go on each day and look at it to see what is new.They look so good togother.I know she is the light of your,s and Brain,s life. I need to go now Elizabeth

Kamrin said...

Wow Alice! Things sure change, don't they? She is beautiful and it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job as a mom! Keep up the great work!