Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

How about today, It is Father's Day. We started celebration this morning with worship to our Heavenly Father. Our pastor (Pastor Tim) shared important lessons his father taught him growing up and is still teaching him today. We also watched a clip from a video about Dr. Dobbson's father. Wow....what a powerful story it was. Brian and I then served in "helping hands"(we are just an extra set of hands for the teachers during second hour, we do it once a month). Today we were in the 3 year old class. We started out playing instruments, then heard a lesson about Joseph and his father, finally made a card for their fathers, ending up with free play (their favorite part of all of it).

After arriving home, Mili and I hid in the other room in order to make Daddy a card. Mili stuck some of the stickers on (some upside down). Then we presented Brian with his gifts and cards. Mili got daddy a shirt and I got Brian the newest Todd Agnew CD (which we are listening to right now....or at least I am .....Brian and Mili are asleep in the chair (everything these days can be real time with digital cameras, photo above).

I am so blessed to have Brian as my husband and as Mili's father. He is an excellent father who drops everything for Mili (a sometimes very demanding Mili). He tries to always give me breaks so that I don't feel so stressed by trying to accomplish everything. I could not ask for a better husband and father than Brian. I am so glad we followed God's plan in being a couple and especially giving birth to precious Mili. We are so glad to be a family (Mother's and Father's Days used to be very difficult for us).

Our next highlight of the day will be to get a call from the family on the the video phone so we can celebrate Father's Day with our fathers. The video phone has been the only way I have kept my sanity with this move. Being so far away from family is tough and the video phone helps to keep us in close contact. The grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all enjoy seeing Mili grow and I enjoy seeing everyone on Sunday (our normal day to all gather at the Berry's house for lunch, they have a huge table there). They always seem to keep that table full even after we moved. Good for them....God wants us to fellowship with each other and what better way to do that than around the table with some good "southern" food.

I have to run now....don't think I will get a nap today but that is ok. I hope to focus on making it a stress free day for Brian. Something he can enjoy and feel rested from his everyday tasks.

Mili is winking at Daddy in the first picture (I really think she hates the red light on the camera).

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Elizabeth Robinson said...

Alice there is not any thing better to see than the two of them sleeping in that chair. Elizabeth Robinson