Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Double Date and 1/2

In the pictures above Mili was checking out her new shoes, hat and buttons on her vest. She is busy all the time.....especially when I am trying to take pictures of her. I put a pink ball cap on her because it is raining here (yes, again) but it was too big. She cried when I took the other one away so we compromised with this hat and she wore it the entire time we were in the resturant.

Today we (Brian, Mili and I) went on a double date (and 1/2) with Peter and Anna (friends from church). They are one of the first couples that helped us get plugged-in to the church and we have been to their house for parties and dinner several times. Mili was great except for her normal begging technique. She wants what is on your plate but doesn't want it in her mouth (just a taste, that's all). Brian had an apple ....her favorite (she just wants to naw on it leaving teeth track marks and she also likes to suck on it.

Mili is learning the B-I-B-L-E song. My mom gave her a book for Easter that has a CD with it (if you have read previous entries, this is the CD that we listen to about 20 times a day). Mili's version is something like this....B-I-B-I-BEEEE. It is so sweet when she sings. I will play the CD as many times as she wants if she will learn the songs and apply them to her life someday, smile.

I will go for now and try to post this....it has not posted the last two times and I am tired of typing it over again. It gets shorter every time I type it up again. Pardon the spelling....couldn't use the spell check.

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Elizabeth Robinson said...

Hello there Alice and Brain and little Mili,how are all of you doing?We are doing well,we just got home from my Seizure ,Sport group meeting,it went well learned a lot more thing,s tonight.Each meeting we have we learn more each time and that is very good.Becouse Bobby will know what do when I have one so that is very good to know.Well I have got to go now take care . Love Elizabeth and Bobby Robinson

Dawn said...

Alice, those are some really cute pictures and the way they are displayed is so neat! Anyway, I am glad to sit down at my computer every couple days and be able to get caught up on you guys. Brother Joe asked me to handle all the missonary stuff in the church, take up the special offerings, make announcements and correspond with certain people, I have to ask him to sit down with me and find out exactly what this all entails so I know exactly what i am supposed to do, but I am very excited and can't wait to get started! VBS was great even though the week before and of the devil was pounding at our door! But every night when we got to the church it was like none of that mattered and I forgot all about it and threw myself into the kids and God. It was great but we missed you guys. Ms Mary said in class that it was one of the most disorganized VBS she has seen (although she said it was good and she had fun) and someone else in our class (Krystal I think) said it was because you guys weren't here:). Okay well I am fixing to take these boys outside and let them tire themselves out, take care of yourselves, have a great week, God Bless You