Friday, June 23, 2006

2 Days in a Row!!!

Wow....Thursday was another day like Wednesday. Mili had her 12 month check-up at 3:30 pm. Up til that point everything was fine. Brian came home to let me have the car and then I dropped him off at work (because of the security at Brian's work I am not allowed in because I don't have a badge.....he has to walk from the gate to the building he works in...not fun in the extreme heat or extreme cold).

Anyway, I took Mili to the doctor (a new doctor for us). He is absolutely awesome with Mili. When he was about to enter the room he stuck a puppet in the door first and talked to Mili. During the whole exam and question-answer time he played with her. I was very impressed. I also love the drive to the doctor's office because it reminds me of Arkansas. It is on a two lane country road and in a very small town outside of Gaithersburg. We were there until 10 after six because I asked the doctor about me needing the Rubella vaccination (while I was pregnant I tested positive for not being immune to Rubella). He wanted me to get the vaccination while I was there so I had to fill out paper work on myself and then wait for the nurse to give me the shot. Meanwhile....Mili had not eaten or had an afternoon nap and we had small group bible study at 7:00 pm two towns over. Because I was not planning on it taking so long, I thought we would be able to go home first. Boy, was I wrong.

Like I said before...I left the office at 10 after six to go pick up Brian from work. In the process of driving and trying to get Brian on the phone to let him know I was coming, I took a wrong turn. Thank God, I immediately knew I was on the wrong street. So in the process of finding a place to turn around, Brian calls me back. Now I am talking on the phone and trying to find a place to turn around and we are going to be late for bible study. Fortunately even though Mili was hungry, sleepy, and wet, she was by this time snoozing in the back and I am on my way (on the right street) to get Brian. After picking up Brian, we tried to take a "short cut" (are there such in Maryland??) which did not work because it was rush hour (in Maryland rush hour is from about 3-7 pm). We were now trying to get to Target for milk and diapers for Mili (she drank all the milk I had for her in the doctor's office because she was so hungry and I had one diaper in her bag). I fed Mili while Brian went shopping. We finished at about the same time and went to check out. The poor little guy (new guy, of course) didn't ring it up right and had to ring it up again. We get in the car at 10 after seven (suppose to be at small group at seven) and I call the leader to tell him we are on our way and we have had a day!!! They were very supportive of us and met us at the door with hugs and breathing exercises, smile. Just like yesterday, I felt so much better after fellowship with friends and bible study. God has a way of calming me from a hectic day with supportive people from Greenridge (that is the name of our church for those of you that don't know).

After small group we came home, put Mili to bed (again and that she can stand up, she likes to do that instead of lay down....and she loves to flick the light on and off), I made Brian and I some bacon sandwiches and then I talked on the phone to my mom til almost midnight. Needless to say, we were pooped. Okay....enough about yesterday.

Today has been a fairly decent day. Mili has been a little tired and cranky (I think from getting her shots yesterday). We went for a walk today (the doctor told me that she needs to be outside at least one hour a day if not more. He says that kids have so many allergies these days because they stay in an air tight home with stale air). Makes sense to me. We enjoyed our walk and Brian came home, while we were out walking/strolling, for lunch.

We plan to go look for a front facing car seat for Mili tonight. It will be the first time in a long time that we have been out as a family. Sometimes it is easier for Brian to pick up things on the way home or for him to come home and then I go to the store to get out of the house and have a break from Mili.

Well, thanks for listening to my venting and I hope the last two days are as funny to you as they are to us now.

Hugs and Kisses to all.....we love ya'll!!!

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Elizabeth Robinson said...

Alice,s I know how you fill I have had Skylar for two day,s now.We took her to Bobby,s Uncle.s in Sheridan,and she just showed out down there . I told her when we got back home there was not going to be any swimming today and know Brithday party that she was going to on Saturday.Bobby called his Sister and told her what happen.And she called her son,s wife and we took her over there and his sister was picking her up from there.I told here she may act like that at home but she was not going to do it here at my house.Well how is are little Milli doing today? How hot is it there ? I know it is very hot here. Well I need to let you go for now. Love Elizabeth and Bobby Robinson.