Saturday, June 17, 2006

Girl's Day Out

Today, Mili and I are having a girls day out while Brian is out with two of his friends at the shooting range (not sure if that is what it is called or not but I think it is skeet shooting). Brian is excited to be shooting today because he doesn't get the opportunity to hunt here (I am not sure but I think you can only bow hunt in this area, or something like that). I am glad Brian is out having fun. He tends to try to help me with Mili on the weekends or let me have a little time to myself since Mili is at the age where she is under my feet on all days that end in "y" (yes, even in the bathroom, no privacy with little ones). I am thankful for his willingness to help me but I also want him to have some time to himself without the responsibility of me or Mili. What a great guy he is. Brian kept Mili while I went to an all day crop (scrapbooking) on the day before Mother's Day. He deserves it on the day before Father's Day.

It is going to take me forever to write this entry because between each sentence I am rescuing what ever Mili is attacking at the moment (in this case, Brian's guitar).

Speaking of guitar....Mili loves it so much. She claps when Brian plays at home and wants to "play" with him. After Brian is finished practicing, he always lets Mili play "gently". This morning Brian and Mili serenaded me with the guitar, clapping, and "singing" while I was eating breakfast (what and excellent way to wake up). Nothing better in life than family time.

Mili and I went out shopping today (window shopping, it takes green stuff or doing other things I am not willing to do, in order to buy (steal) something). We had lunch at Sam's (cheap pizza and coke for me and Mili had squash and milk). You know, it doesn't matter how different things seem to be here in MD compared to AR, I will be doing something and it will remind me of people back home. I miss Tommy so much when I go to Sam's. We had some good times there eating all the samples and if we were still hungry going to spend a big, whoppin' $2.18 on pizza and a coke (told ya it was a cheap lunch).

Mili is now screaming because I won't let her teethe on my toes. I am sitting on one foot with toes fully exposed. They are obviously at mouth level when she stands. I have already had to stop her twice.

Need to go pick up Brian from his day out and have some family time now.
Love to all and don't forget to worship our Heavenly Father tomorrow (it is Father's Day).

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