Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm a Big Girl Now!

What a big girl....Mili is growing so fast. I feel like I can't keep up with everything she is doing new each day. Today she has been showing-off her talents. As you can see in the pictures, she is booggin' with the music. She loves the stereo and we have a hard time keeping her away from it. I am in high hopes that she will inherit her daddy's musical gifts (why not....she looks just like him...even though I gave birth to resentment or anything, smile). She likes to move (dance) to the music already and we are trying to reinforce that (don't know how much we should since we are Baptist). Our daily routine includes Mili crawling over to the stereo and pointing (that is my cue to turn on the music). Although she LOVES the music.....Mommy sometimes can't stand to hear it one more time. Mili has a way of getting her way when she looks up at me with those big, beautiful, blue eyes and puts her tiny clinched hands together to sign more. I then turn on the CD for the 5th, 6th, or 7th time in one day.

After seeing the picture of Mili touching the door knob, you can imagine our home will be needing more child proofing soon. She can't turn it yet but it won't be long. She has become "little miss independent" these days. At lunch time today (earlier than her normal lunch time) she crawled over to the seat with her booster chair in it and pointed saying yum,yum,yum. I put her in the chair and she ate everything in site.

We all know as parents our job is to raise children to let them go. That is such a hard concept to understand. We want Mili to grow-up as she is suppose to and mature into a Christian woman that will love God with all her heart, but part of me wants her not to be so independent (I realize this feeling will get worse with time). My prayer for Mili is that I will never get in the way of her doing God's will in her life.

Mili has now weaseled her way between my feet under the table to play. She is such a joy and I can't imagine life without her (nor do I want to). She has added such meaning to our lives that we had no idea was possible.

Okay, now I am exhausted with all this "big girl" talk and ready to stop thinking of her growing so much, for now anyway, smile.


Dawn said...

Alice, My gosh! I didn't realize just how grown Mili was getting even after seeing her just a couple of weeks ago, she seems so big! I can't believe she can reach the door knob! She really is beautiful. anyway we are all running around like chickens w/ our heads cut off, good ol' VBS! Jeremy and I are having fun again this year and it's even better for me because this year i know what is going on and what i am doing so poor aimee doesn't have to it all, you guys sure sare missed though! Bill and Lisa are doing a fantastic job with the youth and their class ahs been the biggest both nights so far and they are all smiling and are a real good group, last night I counted 12 youth which was less than the night before. Anyway, i am sure everyone else will have VBS stuff to tell you too so I'll stop now and let them have something to tell you! Take care of each other, all our love.

Dawn said...

golly, what horrible typing1 LOL :)

Dawn said...

see..what horrible typing I have !

Shana said...

Another day of the good-old Mama rat-race! It sounds like you probably give eachother a run for your money and that she may have inherited some of *your* stubborness while getting Daddy's looks. ;)