Monday, June 26, 2006

Rain, rain go away!!

What a down pour. It has been raining cats, dogs, sheep, cows, horses and pigs. Mili is not sure she likes it. The thunder scares her. She cries when it gets very loud and becomes extremely clingy. We got about 8.4 inches of rain in 36 hours. That figure is how much rain we are suppose to have in two months. We had some flooding close by but not in our specific area (thank God). There were many parking decks that flooded and ruined many cars. I think the worst was in VA and closer to the DC area. The beltway (the main highway around DC) was closed on one side until this morning when they opened two lanes (there was debris on the road and it took a while to clean it up). Traffic was terrible this morning because of all the flooded streets around. Many people got to work very late to find out their office was closed due to flooding in the basement. We are glad that Brian only has a short distance to work and all the roads there were clear.

Yesterday Brian and I were busy at work again. Our Pastor is on sabbatical and so we are having different people fill in to preach for him (no, Brian did not preach). Yesterday our Life Group leader was preaching so Brian taught Life Group again. I worked with the 2 year olds (it was me and Brian's scheduled day to work, we worked last week because we traded with someone so we would be covered when we went home in May/June).

We had a great sermon about the things we all know about already (he called it a reminder sermon). How important it is to go to church, read God's Word, and live the lifestyle outside the church. You know I really don't have a problem with the the attending church part. I grew up with great parents who made sure I was in church every time the doors were open so it is not even a question on Sunday and Wednesday if I will go to church or not (we had to be bleeding, dying or throwing up to stay home). One of the things I want to teach Mili is that we (her dad and I) are not sporadic about church (we don't want her to think that something else we want to do on that day is more important than are smarter than we think they are). I do sometimes have problems getting my bible study and prayer time in on a regular basis. I feel so much better when I can have my quiet time with God. Many times I only have the time that Mili is asleep to get that in (and everything else too). If I have other things going on like work or cleaning the house, I will sometimes not get in my quiet time with the Lord. I also would love to live like Christ everyday, not just on Sunday. You and I both know that we are all sinners so this is an extremely difficult task. Our goal should be to strive to live like Christ everyday of our lives. Now that I have Mili it is even more important to me that I explain to her when I fail so she doesn't follow the wrong influences. It was hard enough to live the right lifestyle before we had Mili but now I feel a lot more responsibility to live right so I can teach her the right way. I know I will make mistakes (we all do) but I want Mili to know how much I love God.

Before reading this, I know most of you thought I was perfect (yeah right) but now you know the real truth. This entry may not have helped you any, but it was good for me to get my thoughts out.

Love to all....hugs and kisses.


Shana said...

BIG HUG! I was hoping ya'll weren't floating away on Mili's crib mattress. ;)

Glad to know you're doing well and hope that the thunder and rain STOP soon!

Elizabeth Robinson said...

Alice,I am glade to hear that you got some rain the other day.It is very hot back here.Not much going on here,I have got to go for now .Love Elizabeth and Bobby Robinson